How to Farm Thick Hide in V Rising

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Farming resources is a crucial part of progression in V Rising. As you advance, you'll need higher-tier materials. How to farm Thick Hide in V Rising is a common question among players looking to craft better armor. This guide will explain everything you need to know about farming Thick Hide effectively.

Where to Find Thick Hide

Dunley Farmlands

In the Dunley Farmlands, several animals drop Thick Hide. Here are the ones to look for:

  • Hounds: Often found accompanying militia on patrols or in encampments.
  • Cows: Typically located in pastures at human farms.
  • Sheep: Also found in pastures at farms.

Hallowed Mountains

In the Hallowed Mountains, different animals drop Thick Hide:

  • Moose: Roaming in the wild.
  • Frost Wolves: Found throughout the snowy terrain.
  • Arctic Bears: Commonly seen in the mountains.

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Optimal Farming Route

Starting in Dunley Farmlands

  1. Begin in the Dunley Farmlands, closest to your castle.
  2. Move east, killing all Hounds, Cows, and Sheep you encounter.
  3. Focus on pastures and militia encampments for the highest density of animals.

Transition to Hallowed Mountains

  1. Head to the Hallowed Mountains after covering the Farmlands.
  2. Hunt Moose, Frost Wolves, and Arctic Bears.
  3. Be cautious of Frostmaw the Mountain Terror, a level 53 V Blood boss. If you're in wolf form, it will ignore you.

Returning to the Castle

  1. Return through the Dunley Farmlands to collect additional resources.
  2. Repeat the route as necessary.

Crafting with Thick Hide

Thick Leather Requirements

Thick Hide is essential for crafting Thick Leather, used in advanced armor sets. Each armor piece requires:

  • 8 Thick Leather
  • Total of 32 Thick Leather for a complete set.

Armor Sets Needing Thick Leather

  • Duskwatcher Armor
  • Crimson Templar Armor
  • Blood Hunter Armor
  • Dark Magus Armor

These sets also require Hollowfang armor as a base. Ensure you have enough Cotton Yarn and Wool Thread in stock.

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Tips for Efficient Farming

  1. Plan your route: Starting in the Dunley Farmlands and transitioning to the Hallowed Mountains maximizes efficiency.
  2. Avoid strong bosses: Stay in wolf form near Frostmaw to avoid unnecessary battles.
  3. Collect resources on the return trip: Make the most of your journey back to the castle.

Farming Thick Hide efficiently in V Rising ensures you can craft the necessary Thick Leather for advanced armor. Follow this guide, and you'll have a steady supply of Thick Hide in no time.


Understanding how to farm Thick Hide in V Rising is key to advancing in the game. By following the outlined routes and tips, you can efficiently gather the Thick Hide needed for crafting superior armor. Stay prepared and stock up on all essential materials to ensure your progression remains smooth and successful.

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