How to Emote in Duckside

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Duckside is a popular game where players can enjoy crafting, surviving, and interacting with others. Learning how to emote in Duckside is essential for full enjoyment of the game. This guide will show you how to emote and highlight the fun aspects of using emotes in the game.

How to Emote in Duckside

Step-by-Step Guide

How to emote in Duckside is straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Load into a Duckside server.
  2. Gain control of your duck.
  3. Hold down the N key. This is the default keybind for emoting.
  4. Cycle through the emotes using your mouse.
  5. Hover over the desired emote until it turns white.
  6. Release the N key to perform the emote.

Emote Wheel

In Duckside, the emote wheel allows you to choose from a variety of animations. This makes the game more enjoyable and adds a fun element to interactions.

Emote Animations

There are several emote animations to choose from. Whether you want to express joy, frustration, or just have fun, there's an emote for every situation.

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Additional Tips

Using Emotes Effectively

  • Interact with other players: Use emotes to communicate and interact with other players.
  • Express emotions: Show how you feel in different situations using the appropriate emote.
  • Have fun: Emotes add a layer of fun and humor to your gameplay.

Healing in Duckside

While how to emote in Duckside is fun, don't forget to learn how to heal your duck. Injuries can occur, and knowing how to heal is crucial for survival.


Knowing how to emote in Duckside enhances your gameplay experience. Follow the steps provided to easily use emotes and make your interactions more enjoyable. Emoting is just one of the many features that make Duckside a fun and engaging game.

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