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Overview of the Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond

New Weapons

The Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond provides players with cutting-edge armaments to gain a competitive advantage on the battlefield. Three new primary weapons are now available, including the burst rifle, plasma caster and railgun. The burst rifle delivers a quick three-round burst with every trigger pull, the plasma caster hurls balls of superheated plasma at enemies, and the railgun fires hypersonic spikes that pin targets to walls.

Advanced Armor

Two new armor sets offer enhanced protection and mobility. The scout armor boosts speed and stamina for quick flanking maneuvers, while the juggernaut armor provides heavy plating that can withstand immense punishment. Upgrading armor with loot obtained in battle will further amplify its protective qualities.


A selection of single-use consumable items give players more options to gain tactical superiority. The cloaking device renders the user invisible for a limited time. Deployable cover generates an energy shield to block incoming fire. And the orbital strike beacon calls down a devastating laser blast from the heavens to incinerate all hostiles within a wide area of effect. Using consumables at opportune moments can swiftly turn the tide of battle in one's favor.

In summary, the Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond provides committed players with new armaments and gear to customize their loadout, gain strategic advantages in battle and achieve victory against formidable opponents. The rewards contained within are well worth the investment for any dedicated Helldiver.

Exciting New Weapons Added in the Warbond Update

The Premium Warbond update introduces several new weapons for players to unlock and utilize on the battlefield.

Plasma Launcher

This devastating heavy weapon fires high-powered plasma bolts that explode on impact, inflicting area damage. The plasma launcher requires reloading after every shot but can decimate groups of enemies when used strategically.

Cryo Cannon

The cryo cannon rapidly freezes targets, slowing their movement and reducing their effectiveness. Enemies frozen by the cryo cannon become extremely vulnerable to damage from other weapons. However, the freezing effect only lasts a short time before wearing off. Players will need to coordinate with their squad to maximize the potential of this support weapon.

Gravity Hammer

This massive melee weapon unleashes a gravity pulse upon impact that sends enemies flying. The gravity hammer deals tremendous damage in a wide area, making it ideal for crowd control and defending objectives. However, its slow swing speed requires careful timing and leaves the wielder vulnerable if they miss. The gravity hammer is a high-risk, high-reward addition for players favoring an up-close and personal playstyle.

With these and other new weapons added in the update, players have more options than ever to develop their own playstyle and try out new combat strategies. Experiment with different weapon and gear combinations to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. The Premium Warbond's cutting edge arsenal continues to expand, giving players new ways to customize their character and gain an edge over the enemy. Stay tuned for more updates bringing additional weapons, armor, and other gear in the coming months.

A Look at the New Armor and Gear Sets

Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond offers players the opportunity to equip their characters with state-of-the-art armor and gear.

New Armor Sets

The Inferno Armor provides damage reduction from fire and lava environments, allowing players to explore hazardous areas. The Stealth Armor utilizes cloaking technology to enable stealth gameplay, while the Berserker Armor increases damage output at the cost of defense. For long-range combat, the Sniper Armor boosts accuracy and zoom for sniper rifles.

Advanced Weapons

The Plasma Caster fires bolts of superheated plasma at a fast rate, while the Railgun accelerates projectiles to hypersonic speeds. The Proton Ax generates a particle field around its blade to slice through enemies. For stealth gameplay, the Wristblade unleashes blades from the player's gauntlet for silent takedowns. The Gauss Rifle charges and fires electromagnetic bolts to deal high damage at long range.

Useful Gear

The Grapple Hook allows traversal of the environment by grappling to ledges and rooftops. The Hover Boots enable gliding over short distances. The Motion Tracker detects enemy movement in the local area. The Shield Generator projects an energy shield to block incoming damage for a short duration.

With premium gear and weapons unlocked, players will have significant advantages during missions and multiplayer combat. The additional armor and gear provide new ways to customize loadouts tailored for any playstyle or tactical situation. Overall, the cutting edge technology available in the Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond allows players to become formidable agents on the battlefield.

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