FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – Blood in the Water

Atop the sunlit deck of the Shinra-8, Madam M and Andrea engage in conversation about the air quality disparity compared to Midgar. Meanwhile, nearby, Cloud, Barret, and Red XIII agree to embark on reconnaissance, while Aerith and Tifa exchange banter about romantic interests in the cargo hold, only to be promptly interrupted by the returning group.

madam m and andre

Cloud relays the information that all cloaked figures are located in second class, and the absence of Shinra presence allows for the abandonment of uniforms. Via a tannoy announcement, Captain Titov notifies of a Queen’s Blood tournament to be held in the lounge later that evening, a proposition the group elects to pursue.

Ascend the stairs and navigate through the corridor of the 2nd-Class Cabin, reaching the open door at the far end. After utilizing the vending machines and Rest Bench, ascend either set of stairs on the left or right-hand side to access The Hold bar within the Royal Lounge.

Upon being brushed past by Regina, engage with all members of your party to enlist their participation in the tournament. Having secured their involvement, approach the receptionist stationed in the center of the bar to register for the tournament.

queens blood registration

The Queen’s Blood Invitational

Embark on a series of rounds of the Queen’s Blood tournament, selecting opponents at various tables within the vicinity, some of whom are your own party members.

At any juncture, you retain the option to withdraw from the tournament by consulting the receptionist positioned on the right-hand side of the bar. However, persevering and emerging victorious promises lucrative rewards. After navigating through four rounds (the fourth against Chadley), a prompt will guide you to engage with Regina.

Upon vanquishing Regina, Cloud is on the cusp of being declared champion when Red XIII, donning a Shinra disguise, interjects, challenging you to a final QB game.

red v cloud qb

Should you emerge triumphant against Red XIII, your rapport with him will deepen, and you will receive the following rewards, accompanied by the “Card Royalty” trophy:

  • Shinra-8 Tournament Trophy Card
  • 095: Ifrit Card
  • 115: Terror of the Deep
  • A pair of Assess materia earrings

With the tournament concluded, retrace your steps through the bar and return to the 2nd-Class Cabins corridor previously traversed, entering the room situated in the middle of the hallway on the right. Utilize the hammock on the right-hand side to rest.

Fiends Aboard

Subsequently, during the night, an alarm resonates as Captain Titov summons military personnel, rousing Cloud and the others from their slumber. Proceed to the door, opening it, and veer left, where a crew member swiftly beckons you through an open door and up the ensuing flight of stairs.

heading to the deck

At the summit of the stairs, proceed left once more, dashing to the end of the corridor to rendezvous with Titov. Following a confirmation of your assistance, Titov leads Tifa away, momentarily separating her from your party.

Race to the opposite side of the bar, venturing outside to witness an array of peculiar creatures swarming the vessel, instigating a combat encounter. The initial wave consists of two Scrutineyes, whose propensity to elude attacks momentarily poses no substantial threat.

clouds fights

Upon vanquishing both adversaries, two Experimental Varghidpolis emerge. Though posing a heightened threat, they do not inspire undue concern. Endeavor to stagger them before their countdown timer attack is triggered to ensure success. Upon dispatching the initial pair, an additional trio materializes, yet the strategy remains consistent - prioritize staggering.

As additional creatures encroach upon the vessel, Aerith and Red XIII pledge to secure the area while you undertake the task of clearing the boat itself. Venture indoors and proceed to the left of the bar to rescue a crew member besieged by two Scrutineyes. Following their demise, engage in conversation with the crew member before maneuvering beneath the partially demolished door behind him.

Necrotic Entities

Descend the subsequent flight of stairs to reunite with Tifa, who is ensnared in battle with two Experimental Varghidpolis. Dispatch the adversaries alongside Tifa, subsequently following her through the partially damaged door and dashing to the opposite extremity of the corridor to witness two cloaked figures undergoing transformation into new adversaries: Necrotic Entities.

Upon neutralizing both adversaries and rescuing Tifa from imminent peril, Cloud discerns that the cloaked figures are being systematically targeted. As the vessel is rocked by violent tremors, Captain Titov communicates via radio with Professor Hojo, apprising him of the fiendish onslaught.

Despite the revelation of the transformation of the cloaked figures, Hojo reacts with an eerie smile and laughter. Offering neither consolation nor guidance, he sanctions the continuation of the onslaught, indifferent to the ensuing casualties.

ct tiotov and hojo

Upon descending into the initial zone, witness the genesis of another Necrotic Entity, accompanied by the appearance of a Daemonic Entity. Prioritize eliminating the Daemonic Entity, as it poses a more immediate and manageable threat, reducing the number of adversaries you must contend with.

Following their demise, ascend the small steps on the far side and proceed downward via the stairs, leading to the ensuing arena where two Daemonic Entities roam. Dispatch both adversaries before ascending the small steps and navigating through the aperture to the right.

cloud battle

Descend from the ledge to the right, alongside the flying Experimental Varghidpolis, encountering another Necrotic Entity alongside a Shrieker. Exercise caution, remaining mobile and evasive, with the option to block the Shrieker’s club-like assaults.

Upon neutralizing both adversaries, ascend the subsequent small steps and progress through the doorway previously traversed by Barret. Within the ensuing chamber, discover additional vending machines and a Rest Bench, which should be utilized to your advantage.

rest bench

Subsequently, traverse beneath the broken door to the left of the vending machines, following the pathway until reaching Barret in the Engine Room, valiantly defending multiple cloaked figures from Experimental Varghidpolis.

Captain Titov intervenes, dispatching the cloaked figures due to the perceived threat they pose. Yuffie reveals herself from beneath one of the robes, narrowly evading being shot thanks to Cloud's intervention.

ct titov shoots robes

The deceased figures subsequently reanimate, merging into a purple maelstrom from which Sephiroth emerges, delivering a cryptic warning: “Don’t let her fool you”.


Jenova Emergent Boss Fight

Jenova Emergent looms as a colossal, shapeless entity suspended from the ceiling of the arena, relying on a variety of ranged and area-of-effect attacks to inflict damage.

One notable attack is "Vengeance," wherein Jenova tracks you with a faded purple line before unleashing a powerful laser beam. Constant movement ensures safety, but a well-timed dodge provides added security.


"Pestilence" presents another projectile assault, as Jenova releases gassy orbs that home in on you at a leisurely pace. While easily avoidable, beware of their potential to loop back and catch you off guard.

Watch out for "Pestilential Reckoning," an AoE attack where Jenova disperses a large gas cloud across the arena. Quickly dash to the opposite side to evade, though you may sustain damage if caught too close.

Achieving a Pressured state enables you to target Jenova's head, which boasts a separate health bar. Depleting it guarantees a full stagger, amplifying your offensive capabilities.

jenova ,boss 2

When in close proximity, Jenova employs basic whip attacks with its tendrils, gliding horizontally across the arena. Prepare to block or dodge as needed.

Around 75% health, Jenova detaches from the ceiling, becoming mobile and increasing its threat level. Watch for a new variant of whip attacks incorporating an extended tendril.

"Extermination" mirrors "Vengeance" but emits a continuous beam horizontally. Dodge or position yourself alongside Jenova to avoid it.

"Exaltation" sees Jenova firing purple beams into the ground, which then rise vertically. Swiftly position yourself between them to evade.

jenova boss 3

During "Torment," Jenova ensnares a party member with its tendril, prompting immediate intervention to prevent damage.

"Plague" summons numerous gaseous projectiles around the arena, requiring swift evasion.

"Glorious Emanation" replicates "Vengeance" with extended tracking and faster firing. Keep moving and dodge frequently to minimize damage.

At 25% health, Jenova mutates, gaining access to new attacks like "Carnage," charging aggressively toward you.

jenova 4

Beware of smaller tentacles summoned by Jenova, capable of inflicting damage if approached. Focus firepower on Jenova to prevail.

sephiroth warning

Defeating Jenova Emergent prompts the reappearance of Sephiroth, issuing a cryptic warning. With the party unsettled, Captain Titov announces the ship's resumption of course, allowing guests to return to their activities before reaching Costa Del Sol.



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