Destiny 2: Where in Neomuna is Archie?

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If you're wondering "Where in Neomuna is Archie?" you're likely trying to complete Destiny 2's new weekly dog discovery quest. Archie, the robo-hound from the Season of the Seraph, has gone on an adventure across the system. As part of the Into the Light update, it's your job to track him down.

Starting the Quest

Head to the Tower

To start the "Where in Neomuna is Archie" quest, head to Archie's usual location in the Tower Annex outside Ada-1's synthweave workshop. Activate the glowing pawprints and talk to Ada. She'll direct you to Nimbus in Neomuna.

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Archie's Locations in Neomuna

Striders' Gate

If you collected action figures in Neomuna, this location will be familiar. From Nimbus, look down off the edge of the platform to your right to see a building with a billboard and two holographic trees out front. Jump down and head inside to find a room with arcade machines and exercise equipment. The first set of pawprints is hidden behind the circular sofa.

Veil Containment

The second set of pawprints is in front of the Veil Containment building. Travel west out of Zephyr Concourse, head left in Esi Terminal, and jump up onto the balcony with the open doorway to reach Irkalla Complex. Hop into the portal to teleport to the Veil Containment facility. At the entrance, defeat the Tormentor or grab the pawprints in front of the main entrance.

Maya's Retreat

The third set of pawprints is in Maya's Retreat, accessible via Liming Harbor. From the fast travel point, take a right into the cliff passage and follow the walkways up into the caves until you reach the big plateau area. Defeat the colossus boss to make the Cabal disappear, then find the pawprints at the far end of the arena.

Thrilladrome Arcade

The final location is the Thrilladrome arcade lost sector in the building north of Liming Harbor. Inside, jump to the upper level and enter the lost sector via the vents. Fight your way through until you reach the section before the final boss. Archie is just off to the side by a high-tech claw machine.

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Completing the Quest

Return to Ada-1

Once you've offered "Pawsitive Reinforcement" to Archie, return to Ada-1 in the Tower. You'll receive ten Trophies of Bravery and a final prize, an "Archie Plush Toy."


The "Where in Neomuna is Archie" quest adds a fun and engaging element to Destiny 2. By following these steps, you'll be able to track down Archie and complete the quest with ease. Happy hunting, Guardians!

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