Destiny 2 Players Agree Bungie ‘Ruined’ Raider Experience

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Changes to Power and Difficulty in The Final Shape

The Final Shape expansion introduced significant changes to Destiny 2, particularly impacting endgame content. One major change is the addition of Activity Power Caps to most activities, including raids and dungeons. These caps limit a player's effectiveness, preventing them from overleveling to make activities easier.

Elemental Surges and Their Impact

Another controversial addition in The Final Shape is the weekly elemental surges in all standard difficulty endgame activities. Players have voiced their frustration, arguing these surges complicate the experience, especially for new raiders. Matching loadouts to the weekly surge is challenging, particularly for those unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics.

Community Reactions to Bungie ‘Ruined’ Raider Experience

In a Reddit thread on June 18, players discussed how Bungie ‘ruined’ raider experience with these changes. One player described their frustration: “With the new changes to raids, it is now a hell that I don't know if I care to do anymore. My average sherpa time on Crota’s is around an hour, because of the changes it is now 2-3.”

The sentiment was echoed by many, who believe the changes are unnecessary. They argue that most players already avoid endgame content, and making it harder discourages new players from attempting raids.

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Suggestions from the Community

Some players have offered solutions to address these issues. One suggestion was to differentiate the difficulty levels of raids. “They should have left normal raids for ease of entry and made master raids harder, with adept drops on encounter clear instead of challenge clear. People that want it harder can go to master, and people that want to chill, or bring new players along still can,” suggested a player.

Contradicting Bungie’s Accessibility Goals

These changes seem to contradict Bungie’s attempts to make content more accessible. Features like Fireteam Power aim to allow players to jump into content quicker. However, the increased difficulty from Activity Power Caps and elemental surges creates a more challenging experience than before.

Prepare for Greater Challenges

For players just entering The Final Shape, greater challenges await. MossyMax, who shares damage charts for Destiny 2, highlighted in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that all bosses and raid add clear are significantly harder now. Players are advised to bring their best tools to tackle these enhanced difficulties.


In conclusion, the changes brought by The Final Shape have left many Destiny 2 players feeling that Bungie ‘ruined’ raider experience. The addition of Activity Power Caps and weekly elemental surges has made endgame content more challenging, especially for new raiders. While some players appreciate the increased difficulty, others feel it contradicts Bungie’s goals of accessibility and inclusivity in the game.

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