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As an Animal Crossing fan, you know the joy of exploring a village filled with unique NPC villagers. From cats to dogs to even octopuses, these characters come to life through their dialogues and interactions.

While some may dismiss them as digital constructs, you see them as friends with their own stories and quirks. Who hasn't fallen in love with a Raymond or Bob? Fan art and creations based on these villagers showcase how they've captured fans' hearts.

In this article, you'll read about one fan's creative way of transforming their beloved plushie into an adorable villager. Join us as we dive into the imaginative world of Animal Crossing villagers.

animal crossing fan art

Fan Art for Raymond & Bob

The Diverse Species and Personalities of Animal Crossing Villagers

Animal Crossing features over 400 villagers across 35 different species, with unique personalities, behaviors, and backstories. Villagers are anthropomorphic animals that inhabit the player's town, providing opportunities for interaction and friendship.

Species and Personas

The species of villagers are diverse, including cats, dogs, squirrels, deer, elephants, ostriches, and more. Villagers of the same species may share physical characteristics but have different personalities, hobbies, and home decor. Personalities include normal, peppy, snooty, cranky, jock, lazy, smug, uchi, and big sister. Personality determines how a villager interacts with players and other villagers.

For example, peppy villagers like Ruby and Rosie are energetic and excitable, while cranky villagers like Octavian and Kabuki are irritable and blunt. Villagers with different personalities may conflict or bond over shared interests. Players can gain friendship points with villagers by talking to them each day, giving gifts, doing favors, writing letters, and more.

Rare and Popular Villagers

Some villagers like Bob, Lolly, and Marshal are highly sought after for their appearance and personality. Players may spend large amounts of in-game currency or even real money to obtain their favorite villager. The rarity of a villager depends on their species and personality type. Cats and dogs tend to be most popular, while less conventional species like pigs, gorillas, and hippos are rarer.

Smug and peppy personalities also tend to be favored. The black market for trading villagers has become controversial, with some arguing it goes against the spirit of community in Animal Crossing. However, for dedicated fans, obtaining a dreamy is worth the investment. The diverse range of villagers offers something for every player.

animal crossing friends gather on a rock by the ocean

Animal Crossing Gameplay Screenshot

The Popularity and Rarity of Certain Animal Crossing Villagers

Animal Crossing has garnered global popularity as a result of its charming villagers that inhabit each player's island. Certain villagers have become highly sought after, with some trading for exceptionally high prices on the black market due to their perceived rarity and popularity within the Animal Crossing community.

Raymond, the Smug Business Cat

Raymond, a cat villager with hetero chromatic eyes and a smug personality, has become immensely popular since his introduction in New Horizons. His stylish glasses and double-breasted suit have resonated with fans. Given his immense popularity, Raymond can sell for up to 1,000 Nook Mile Tickets, equivalent to tens of millions of Bells.

Bob, the Friendly Purple Cat

Bob, a purple cat villager, is considered a rare and popular villager dating back to the GameCube title. His laid-back and friendly personality, combined with his unique purple color, have made him a fan favorite.

While not as high in demand as Raymond, Bob can still sell for several hundred Nook Mile Tickets due to nostalgia for an iconic villager.

The popularity and rarity of certain villagers like Raymond and Bob have created an underground market where players buy, sell, and trade villagers for profit. Nintendo has warned against real-world trading, though the practice continues due to high demand and limited supply.

By understanding villagers that are popular and scarce, you can better navigate the villager trade market or avoid it altogether by not engaging in real-money trades. The popularity of villagers ultimately comes down to personal preference for certain personalities, species, and designs.

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Animal Crossing Gameplay Screenshot

Creating Custom Villagers in Animal Crossing

As an avid Animal Crossing player, designing your own custom villager allows you to personalize your gameplay experience.

Choosing a Species

To begin creating an original villager, you must first select what type of animal you want your character to be. The species in the game include bears, birds, cats, chickens, cows, deer, dogs, ducks, elephants, frogs, goats, gorillas, hippos, horses, kangaroos, koalas, lions, mice, octopuses, ostriches, penguins, pigs, rabbits, rhinos, sheep, squirrels, tigers, and wolves. Consider choosing a species that represents your own personality or interests.

Developing a Personality

Once you have selected a species, determine what type of personality you want to give your new villager. The personalities in Animal Crossing include normal, peppy, snooty, cranky, jock, smug, uchi, and lazy.

For example, a cat villager could have a snooty and stylish personality, while a dog villager may have an energetic, friendly personality. Create a backstory for your villager to help determine an appropriate personality that is consistent and authentic.

Customizing an Appearance

Finally, you can customize your villager’s appearance, including options for their fur or feather color, eyes, mouth, nose, hairstyle, hat, shirt, and catchphrase. Consider coordinating your villager’s appearance to match their selected species and personality.

For example, a stylish snooty cat may have purple fur, eyeliner, and a chic outfit, while an athletic jock gorilla may have a sweatband and sports jersey. Get creative and have fun with the customization options to make a villager that represents you!

With some thought into the details, you can craft an original Animal Crossing villager to inhabit your island paradise. Paying close attention to selecting an appropriate species, developing a consistent personality, and customizing a unique appearance will allow you to create a custom villager that you will enjoy interacting with for hours of gameplay. Your perfect custom villager is waiting to be discovered!

Animal Crossing characters at train station

Animal Crossing Gameplay Screenshot


In conclusion, Animal Crossing offers a vibrant world of imaginative villagers to interact with. By customizing plushies into villagers like adostume did with Chrupek, fans express their creativity and passion for this game.

The diverse species and personalities give each villager a unique identity. Forming bonds with these characters, whether popular ones like Raymond or more obscure ones, is part of the rewarding escapism Animal Crossing provides. As you continue exploring this whimsical world, appreciate the small details and quirks of each villager you encounter along the way.

They make this virtual community feel alive.

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