Xbox Reveal New Game Installment During June 2024 Showcase

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Xbox Set to Reveal New Game During June 2024 Showcase

Popular Franchise Installment

As part of Xbox’s June 2024 showcase, you can expect the company to announce a new installment in one of their beloved franchises. Given Xbox’s recent studio acquisitions, the possibilities for a franchise reveal are extensive.

With major studios like Bethesda, Activision and more under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, popular franchises such as Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty and others are all contenders for an announcement.

Exciting Possibilities

The tease of a new installment in a “beloved franchise” will undoubtedly generate hype and speculation among players as to which franchise is set to receive a new title. The possibilities are exciting, especially given the studios Microsoft now owns.

Bethesda Game Studios, known for massive open world RPGs could be announcing The Elder Scrolls VI or a new Fallout. Meanwhile, Activision’s Call of Duty franchise is always a possibility.

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Xbox Showcase Primed to Feature Breadth of Exclusive Titles

While speculation centers around the reveal of a new title in an established franchise, the June showcase is an ideal opportunity for Xbox to highlight the breadth of its first-party studios.

Announcements of brand new intellectual properties (IPs) from studios like Obsidian Entertainment, Ninja Theory or Rare would showcase the diverse range of Xbox Game Studios. With over 20 studios creating exclusive titles for Xbox Series X/S, the showcase is primed to feature a variety of game genres and styles.

Whatever the reveal may be, anticipation is building for an exciting lineup of games coming to Xbox over the next year. The June showcase should provide a glimpse into the promising future of Xbox and a diversified portfolio of first-party studios creating experiences exclusively for Xbox players.

Expect More Details in the Coming Weeks

As the June showcase approaches, Xbox will likely disclose further specifics to build anticipation. Possible tidbits may include teaser images, video clips, or hints pointing to the franchise involved. Whether a sequel, reboot, or new IP, the dedicated segment promised suggests a game with the potential for a meaningful impact. For now, speculation reigns as players anxiously await concrete details on what promises to be an exciting addition to the Xbox library.

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