Xbox Refunding Redfall’s Bite Back Edition DLC

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Microsoft is issuing refunds for Redfall's Bite Back Edition DLC. This follows the closure of Arkane Studios, the developer behind the game.

The Bite Back Edition Refund

Why Xbox is Refunding Redfall's Bite Back Edition DLC

Since Arkane Studios shut down, planned downloadable content (DLC) for Redfall, including the Hero Pass, has been canceled. As a result, Microsoft is refunding players who purchased Redfall's Bite Back Edition, which included the Hero Pass.

What Players Can Expect

Players who bought the Bite Back Edition or the Hero Pass as a separate purchase are receiving notifications from Xbox. The notifications confirm that players have been identified as purchasers and are getting the value of the upgrade credited back to their Microsoft accounts.

Details of the Refund

The refund process includes a full refund via the Microsoft Store, totaling $26.99. Eligible players should keep an eye on their notifications over the next few days as Microsoft rolls out refunds steadily.

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The Tragedy of Redfall

Redfall was a promising co-op shooter plagued by numerous bugs, glitches, and visual issues. Despite assurances from Bethesda publishing director Pete Hines that the game would improve, its player base dwindled shortly after launch.

Redfall's Rocky Journey

Arkane Austin managed to release a significant update before the studio's closure. This update included a fully offline, single-player option and several quality-of-life improvements. However, the game's initial issues left a lasting impact.


Xbox refunding Redfall's Bite Back Edition DLC is a move to compensate players after the game's struggles and the developer's closure. If you purchased this edition, check your notifications for your refund.

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