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You've been waiting years for Warhorse Studios to announce their next game after the success of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The small independent studio based in the Czech Republic made waves with their intricate medieval RPG that offered an immersive story and realistic combat.

Now it seems the wait is almost over. Warhorse just posted a teaser trailer indicating they plan to fully reveal their new game next week. Fans are buzzing with speculation about what era and genre they'll tackle next. Will they stick to history or branch into fantasy?

Warhorse Studios Teases Upcoming Game Reveal

Warhorse Studios, the developers behind the successful medieval role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, have announced they will reveal a new game next week. In a tweet, the independent studio based in Prague, Czech Republic stated: “Something new is on the horizon! Tune in next week for a special announcement from Warhorse Studios.”

Warhorse Studios tweet

Warhorse Studios Tweet on the 12th April 2024

New Open-World RPG?

Given Warhorse Studios’ experience developing the expansive open-world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, there is speculation the new game could be another open-world role-playing game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance was praised for its historical accuracy and realism. The new game may adopt a similar style and continue the studio’s tradition of crafting realistic games inspired by history.

Next-Generation Technology

Warhorse Studios’ new game will likely take advantage of next-generation technology like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The additional power of these new consoles would enable the studio to create an even more immersive open world with advanced graphics, realistic environments, and innovative gameplay features. The studio has a proven track record of pushing technological boundaries to achieve high levels of realism and historical authenticity.

While details remain scarce, Warhorse Studios’ new game announcement is an exciting prospect. The studio is poised to build upon the success of Kingdom Come: Deliverance by utilizing new technology to craft an authentic open-world experience. The reveal next week is sure to give eager fans their first glimpse into Warhorse Studios’ ambitious new project.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance poster

Image from Kingdom Come: Deliverance

What We Know So Far About Warhorse's New Game

Warhorse Studios, the developers behind the popular medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, have announced they will reveal details about their new game next week. While little is known about the new title at this point, the studio has provided some clues.

Setting and genre

Based on a teaser image shared by the studio, the new game will likely have a historical setting, similar to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. However, the specific time period and location remain unknown. The studio is also staying tight-lipped about the genre, though their experience with RPGs suggests it may incorporate roleplaying elements.

knights fighting on the battlefield

Still Shot from Kingdom Come: Deliverance

What We Want to See From Warhorse's Next Game

With the success of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Warhorse Studios has demonstrated their ability to craft immersive historical RPGs. For their next title, we hope they build upon this expertise in a few key ways.

Firstly, an improved combat system would be welcome. While Kingdom Come featured period-accurate sword fighting and archery, the mechanics felt clunky at times. Smoothing out the combat and providing more tactical options could make for thrilling encounters.

Secondly, a new setting and time period could showcase Warhorse’s skill at recreating historical details. The studio has focused on 15th-century Central Europe thus far; a new locale, perhaps in the Ancient World or Far East, would allow them to flex their research muscles in an unfamiliar territory. The visuals and ambiance would likely be stunning.

Finally, refining the role-playing elements like character progression and decision-making would strengthen the studio’s storytelling. While Kingdom Come provided choices that shaped the narrative, the impacts were not always clearly conveyed. Streamlining the role-playing systems and telegraphing consequences more transparently could make for a deeply immersive experience where player agency truly matters.

Overall, Warhorse Studios has proven themselves as masters of the historical RPG genre. We eagerly await what era they explore next and how they build upon their design chops. Another title as transportive and meticulously crafted as Kingdom Come would be most welcome. With a few refinements to systems and setting, their next game could be a genre standout.

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