UFL Smashes Its First Beta Weekend

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The upcoming EA Sports FC rival, UFL, held its first open beta from June 7 to 9. Over three days, it recorded astonishing numbers, with millions of players tuning in.

Record-Breaking Numbers

UFL smashes its first beta weekend by creating 1,320,000 clubs, playing 5,560,000 matches, and scoring 9,986,206 goals. The game’s official X (formerly Twitter) profile shared these stats on June 17.

Popular Players and Regions

Cristiano Ronaldo was the most popular player throughout the weekend. Ronaldo, an ambassador for UFL, has invested heavily in the game. Additionally, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States, Germany, and France were the top five countries with the most players. These countries are known for their strong national teams and leagues.

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Positive Player Feedback

Judging by comments on X, players enjoyed the UFL beta. Many want the open beta to return soon. One player wrote, “It was fun, even if the game isn’t near finished. We need this again.”

Development and Release

UFL was announced at Gamescom 2021 and was intended to release in 2022. However, it was postponed to 2023 and now is set to release in 2024. UFL is considered the main competitor to EA Sports FC, the successor to the FIFA series. Unlike EA’s franchise, UFL is supposed to be free-to-play without pay-to-win options.

Future Expectations

With the exact release date still unknown, there's not much we can do but wait. However, with UFL smashing its first beta weekend, more news could be coming our way soon.

In conclusion, UFL’s first open beta was a massive success. The game’s impressive numbers and positive player feedback suggest a bright future for this EA Sports FC rival. As UFL continues to develop, fans eagerly await its official release in 2024.

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