The First Descendant Caliber Currency Bug

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The release of The First Descendant has encountered several issues, notably the Caliber currency bug. This bug has left many players without the premium currency they purchased.

Caliber Currency Bug Issue

Players who bought a Caliber pack found that they didn't receive the currency. This Caliber currency issue in The First Descendant has affected many, prompting numerous complaints on the official Discord server.

Developer Response and Actions

The developers have acknowledged the Caliber currency glitch in The First Descendant. They issued a statement on Discord:

Greetings Descendants. We have identified an issue where there is a delay in the delivery of Caliber upon payment and Twitch Drops reward.

They assured players that they are working on a currency bug fix and will update everyone once resolved. The message quickly spread across social media, gaining significant attention.

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Player Feedback

Some players have reported receiving their Caliber after a delay. For instance, one user said, “Finally, I got my Caliber,” while another noted, “Just got Calibers, purchased at launch.”

Possible Compensation

Considering the disruption, there might be compensation for those affected by the Caliber currency error in The First Descendant. Developers often provide gifts as apologies for such issues.

Future Updates

The developers are prioritizing this currency problem in The First Descendant. As it's a free-to-play game, ensuring players are confident in buying premium currency is crucial.

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The Caliber currency bug in The First Descendant has been a significant issue since the game's launch. However, with the developers' quick response and ongoing efforts, players can expect a resolution soon. Stay updated on the The First Descendant bug affecting Caliber currency and other game developments.

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