All Hades 2 Animal Companions

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In Hades 2, players will find numerous elements to aid them in their journey beyond the underworld. Among these, animal companions or familiars play a crucial role. This guide covers all Hades 2 animal companions, their abilities, and how to unlock them. Unlocking Animal Companions To unlock animal companions in Hades 2, Melinoë must cast…


How To Get Moss in Hades 2

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Where To Find Moss In Hades 2 In Hades 2, acquiring Moss is crucial for Melinoe’s journey to encounter Chronos and break free from her curse. Moss serves multiple purposes, including upgrading weapons, earning bones, and performing essential rituals like Unraveling a Fateful Bond. However, obtaining Moss is not straightforward, as it requires a journey…


How To Get Shadow in Hades 2

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In Hades 2, players can utilize Shadow to perform powerful Incantations. This guide aims to help the process of acquiring Shadow and the resources for its creation. As players embark on their quest to aid the Olympians and combat Chronos within the realm of Olympus, overcoming barriers obstructing their path becomes imperative. However, conventional means…


How to Get Cinder in Hades 2

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Unlocking powerful abilities and weapons like Umbral Flames in Hades 2 requires the acquisition of essential reagents, including Cinder. Here’s a comprehensive guide on obtaining and utilizing Cinder to enhance your gameplay experience. Obtaining Cinder in Hades 2 Defeating Hecate Cinder, akin to Titan’s Blood from the original Hades, is obtained by defeating Hecate, the…


How to Get Thalamus in Hades 2

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In the mystical world of Hades 2, acquiring the elusive Thalamus is essential for performing the potent incantation, Unraveling a Fateful Bond. This guide aims to assist players in obtaining Thalamus, a vital component primarily associated with birthright and creation incantations. Hades 2: Thalamus Location To procure Thalamus, players must first equip the Silver Spade,…