How to Get Thalamus in Hades 2

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In the mystical world of Hades 2, acquiring the elusive Thalamus is essential for performing the potent incantation, Unraveling a Fateful Bond. This guide aims to assist players in obtaining Thalamus, a vital component primarily associated with birthright and creation incantations.

Hades 2: Thalamus Location

To procure Thalamus, players must first equip the Silver Spade, a Gathering Tool accessible at the Silver Pool post the Night's Craftwork incantation. Familiarize yourself with the Silver Spade's functionality before embarking on this quest. Locate a Chaos Gate within the Underworld, a relatively straightforward task before encountering the Guardian of Erebus.

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Digging Locations

Upon entering Chaos, players must scout for Digging Spots, identifiable by small brown mounds of dirt. While not guaranteed in every Chaos iteration, these spots are frequent. Interact with them to extract Origin Seeds.

Your Reward

Return to the Crossroads and plant the acquired Origin Seeds in one of the Soil Plots. Unlock the first two Soil Plots by performing the Flourishing Soil incantation. These plots appear near the Cauldron. Allow the Origin Seeds to grow into Thalamus, a process taking only 7 Whiles. Pass time at the Crossroads Hot Springs or Taverna or resume exploration in the Underworld.

By following these steps, players can successfully cultivate Thalamus in Hades 2, ensuring they have the necessary materials for Unraveling a Fateful Bond and unlocking new possibilities in their mystical journey.

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