Shadow of the Erdtree: Elden Ring DLC ‚The First and Last‘ Confirmed

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Elden Ring DLC "The First and Last" Announced by Miyazaki

Final DLC Expansion

FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed in an interview that “The First and Last” will be the only major downloadable content expansion for Elden Ring. Building upon the base game Elden Ring, this DLC aims to increase players' RPG freedom by introducing new content not found in the original game.

Miyazaki stated, “We aimed to create a complete experience with Elden Ring, so this will be the first and final Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.” The DLC will release in 2024 and include new weapons, spells, and boss fights.

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What to Expect in the New Elden Ring DLC

The final Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, 'The First and Last,' will provide players with a fitting conclusion to this epic fantasy action RPG. According to director Hidetaka Miyazaki, players can expect "a dramatic final chapter to conclude the story of the Tarnished and their quest for the Elden Ring."

Completely New World to Explore

This last expansion will open up entirely new regions of the Lands Between to discover, including strange new lands like the Land of Shadow. Miyazaki has teased snow-capped mountains, verdant forests, and labyrinthine underground cities unlike anything seen before in Elden Ring.

Players will encounter strange creatures and fearsome foes in these uncharted realms. The adventure through these vast maps interspersed with diverse situations and meticulous dungeons where menacing enemies roam promises an unparalleled exploration experience.

Challenging New Dungeons

In addition to open world exploration, 'The First and Last' will include perilous new dungeons to delve into. Miyazaki warns these multi-level dungeons have been designed to test the skills and determination of even the hardiest Tarnished. Players should prepare for intense combat encounters and environmental hazards around every corner.

Epic Boss Battles and New Powers

No Elden Ring experience would be complete without confronting mighty demigods and monstrous creatures in climactic showdowns.

According to Miyazaki, this final DLC will feature "the most ambitious and taxing" boss fights yet, though he stopped short of revealing any details about these encounters. Players will have to discover the truth of these threats for themselves when 'The First and Last' releases.

With tantalizing hints of dangerous new lands to chart, treacherous dungeons to conquer, and colossal bosses to defeat, this final Elden Ring DLC is shaping up to be a must-have for fans seeking a definitive ending to this unforgettable journey. The path of the Tarnished comes to an end at last in 'The First and Last.'

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Elden Ring DLC Release Date and Availability

FromSoftware recently announced that the first and only downloadable content (DLC) expansion for Elden Ring, titled “The First and Last,” will be released in the second quarter of 2024. Additionally, the ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Collector's Edition, which includes the expansion code, a statue, an art book, and a download voucher for the original soundtrack, along with a bonus in-game Gesture for those who pre-order, will also be available.

For fans looking for something extra, the Erdtree deluxe edition offers the original artbook and soundtrack app, alongside the base game and expansion. According to Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of FromSoftware, the DLC will be available for purchase individually or as part of the game’s season pass.

Pricing and Pre-Order Details

The Elden Ring DLC season pass, which includes “The First and Last” and any additional expansions such as the Erdtree expansion, will retail for $24.99. Individual DLC expansions, including “The First and Last” and the Erdtree DLC, will be available for $14.99 each.

Fans can pre-order the season pass or individual DLCs starting today on all major video game digital distribution platforms to receive a bonus gesture emote and weapon cosmetic skins.

Exclusive Content and New Gameplay

“The First and Last” expansion will feature over 10 hours of new gameplay, including challenging new dungeons, formidable boss encounters, additional NPC questlines, spells, and equipment. Players will discover new powers to enhance their journey through this mysterious world.


Miyazaki confirmed that the DLC will also introduce a new gameplay mechanic that enhances spirit summoning to allow players to summon multiple spirits simultaneously. The expansion is set in a previously unexplored region of the Lands Between and aims to provide a fresh and memorable experience for both new and returning players, enriched with a new story set in the Land of Shadow where Miquella awaits the return of his promised Lord. This narrative depth is further explored as players follow in Miquella's footsteps, uncovering the mysteries and challenges that lie ahead.

While “The First and Last” expansion concludes Elden Ring’s DLC roadmap, Miyazaki noted that FromSoftware remains deeply passionate about the game and open to revisiting the Lands Between in the future if there is enough interest from the community. For now, prospective players have much to look forward to when “The First and Last” releases early next year.

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