Horizon Forbidden One Year Later, West Remains Essential

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One Year Later, Horizon Forbidden West Remains Essential & continues the epic journey of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, making it an essential experience for fans of her story.

Through the eyes of you, the player, Burning Shores transports you to post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, expanding Aloy’s world and character relationships. Over the course of its 10-hour campaign, you’ll uncover more of the Horizon universe’s mysteries, meet compelling new allies like Seyka, and set the stage for the next chapter in Aloy’s saga.

With fun new gameplay and storytelling that lives up to the high bar set by Horizon Forbidden West, Burning Shores is a must-play, even one year later.

Revisiting Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores One Year Later

An Enhanced Combat Experience

The Burning Shores adds new combat abilities for Aloy that build on the innovative mechanics introduced in Horizon Forbidden West. Players can utilize the Pullcaster to swiftly close distances and knock down enemies, as well as the Shieldwing glider for aerial combat. These additions create dynamic combat scenarios not possible in the base game.

A Memorable New Location

The volcanic region of Burning Shores is a visually stunning new area to explore. Massive geysers, lakes of molten rock, and soot-blackened cliffs provide a dramatic backdrop for Aloy’s quest. The perilous terrain is home to new and awe-inspiring machines like the Scorcher, a formidable combatant that utilizes flamethrowers and firebombs. These bigger and more awe-inspiring machines add a new layer of challenge and excitement, making Burning Shores a challenging but rewarding location to traverse.

A Glimpse of What’s to Come

While continuing Aloy’s search for answers about the ancient past, Burning Shores also lays the groundwork for future installments in the Horizon series by introducing mysterious new threats that hint at the broader narrative to come. These dangers, concealed within the dangerous frontier of the Forbidden West, require Aloy to uncover the secrets behind these threats and restore order to the world.

Aloy begins a romantic relationship with a new character, the warrior Seyka, establishing a personal connection that is sure to shape her motivations going forward. The expansion also hints at a new method for defeating the threat of Nemesis, the mysterious antagonist teased at Horizon Forbidden West’s conclusion. By advancing character arcs and story threads that will drive Horizon 3, including the challenge of these mysterious new threats, Burning Shores is essential for understanding the franchise’s future direction.

One year after its initial release, Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores expansion remains a must-play experience for fans of the series. With enhanced combat, a striking new setting, and revelations that continue Aloy’s journey, Burning Shores builds upon the foundation of Horizon Forbidden West to create an adventure that is deeply rewarding. For those looking to revisit the world of Horizon, Burning Shores is the perfect reason to don the Focus once more.

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Burning Shores Expansion's Story and Characters Set Up the Future of Horizon

The narrative of Burning Shores seamlessly builds upon the main story of Horizon Forbidden West, against the backdrop of Earth's imminent collapse. This term underscores the urgency of Aloy's mission in the Burning Shores, linking it to the broader story of a world plagued by vicious storms, an unstoppable blight, and fearsome machines.

The expansion introduces Seyka, a new character who aids Aloy in her journey to stop the spread of the Burning Plague. Through her interactions with Seyka, Aloy continues to develop into a strong, complex character as she grapples with loss and responsibility.

Their blossoming romance and teamwork lay the groundwork for an interesting partnership that could drive the story in a hypothetical Horizon 3.

Aloy Faces New Challenges

In Burning Shores, Aloy faces dangerous new machines and a sinister cult devoted to spreading a deadly virus. These new challenges allow her to demonstrate growth in her problem-solving skills and leadership abilities. Though still reeling from the loss of key allies, Aloy perseveres with courage and compassion. Her evolving character and personal struggles make her an enduring, relatable heroine.

Hints of a Larger Threat

While resolving the crisis of the Burning Plague, Aloy and Seyka uncover clues suggesting the cultists were pawns of a more sinister force: Nemesis. The expansion builds suspense by implying that this shadowy enemy, hinted at in Forbidden West's main story, may be manipulating events to weaken humanity before launching a full-scale attack.

By teasing future conflicts and raising the stakes, Burning Shores sets the stage for an epic showdown with Nemesis in a possible third installment of the Horizon series.

Overall, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is a must-play expansion that enriches the main story with compelling new characters and narrative threads that lay the groundwork for future sequels. One year after its release, this DLC remains essential for fans of the Horizon series. Its memorable story, challenging gameplay, and hints of future adventures make it well worth revisiting.

Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores character Gameplay and World Expansion Make Burning Shores an Essential Experience

Expanded Map and New Challenges

The Burning Shores expansion provides players the opportunity to explore an entirely new region west of the Forbidden West. This uncharted territory features a vast desert landscape, rugged canyons, and volcanic mountain ranges.

Navigating this harsh environment provides a formidable challenge as Aloy must contend with superheated air and treacherous climbs. However, overcoming these obstacles results in a rewarding sense of discovery as players unveil picturesque vistas and hidden locations.

Deeper Combat and Customization

Building upon the combat systems introduced in Horizon Forbidden West, Burning Shores refines and expands combat options available to the player. Aloy gains access to new weapon types with unique properties tailored to different enemy types.

Additionally, players can customize weapons to a greater degree by selecting specific ammo types, modifications, and coils to optimize their loadout. These options, combined with an increased arsenal of traps and tools, provide players a high level of flexibility and control in approaching combat scenarios.

Memorable and Fearsome New Machines

No Horizon expansion would be complete without introducing fearsome new machines, presenting new and formidable machine adversaries. Burning Shores features several fearsome new machines adapted to the region’s harsh climate, including the Cinderhorn, a massive fire-spewing beast, and the Duster, a burrowing machine that erupts from beneath the sand.

Defeating these challenging new machines requires players to identify and exploit their weaknesses through observation and strategic use of the tools at Aloy’s disposal. Victory over these colossal foes results in a true sense of accomplishment.

Overall, with a massive new region to explore, expanded combat and gameplay options, and memorable new machines to overcome, the Burning Shores expansion is an essential experience for fans of Horizon Forbidden West seeking to continue Aloy’s journey. This additional content builds upon the base game by refining successful elements and introducing fresh challenges that highlight the series’ strengths. Simply put, Burning Shores is Horizon at its best.


You have journeyed with Aloy through the Burning Shores, facing new threats and bonding with compelling characters. This expansion remains essential, enriching the world of Horizon Forbidden West. As you reflect on your time in the DLC, hold onto that sense of wonder. Let it fortify you for the battles to come. Aloy’s journey continues, but for now, breathe deep and marvel at all you’ve accomplished. The future can wait—savor your triumph in the present. You’ve earned it.

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