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As you watch the Once Human Video Trailer, it's only natural to wonder when exactly you'll get your hands on this innovative title. While an official date has yet to be announced by the game's developer, industry insiders expect Once Human's release date sometime during the third quarter of 2024 based on the development timeline.

Overview of Once Human Game and Storyline

Backstory and Setting

Once Human Video Trailer is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on the brink of extinction. An evil tech corporation has developed dangerous human experiments in a bid for power and control. You play as a survivor who stumbles upon a rogue AI program that can fuse with a human host. By allowing the AI to bond with your mind and body, you gain enhanced abilities to fight back against the sinister corporation.

Gameplay and Mechanics

As a human-AI hybrid, you have access to futuristic weapons and tech skills. The gameplay features a mix of first-person shooting, hacking, and stealth mechanics. You can scan the environment to gain information, hack into security systems to avoid detection, and use stealth takedowns on enemies. When combat is unavoidable, you have plasma rifles, EMP grenades, and combat drones at your disposal.

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Main Missions and Side Quests

The core campaign revolves around infiltrating the corporation’s facilities, rescuing other survivors and AI programs, and working to take down the organization from within. Side missions allow you to explore the open world, scavenge resources, and help other characters. The choices you make can affect the overall story, and multiple endings are possible depending on your actions.

Once Human aims to provide a cinematic action experience with meaningful choices and consequences. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking shooter set in a gritty sci-fi world, this game may be one to watch for when it releases in Q3 2024. With an intriguing backstory, innovative gameplay, and impactful storytelling, Once Human has the potential to become a must-play title for fans of the genre.


As the projected Q3 2024 launch approaches, be sure to stay tuned for more reveals about Once Human's characters, setting, and mechanics. This could very well shape up to be a genre-defining title that ushers in a new era of interactive entertainment. Preorder links should become available soon, so prepare to dive into this futuristic adventure later this year.

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