Nintendo Switch Update Addresses Network Problems

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As a Nintendo Switch owner, I know how frustrating connection issues can be when trying to play online or download new games. Nintendo Switch Update 18.0.1 Addresses Network Problems some users have experienced. Nintendo recommends all Switch owners install the update, which improves overall system stability.

If you've had trouble connecting to networks, temporarily switching to WPA2 encryption may allow the patch to download. While the update should provide some relief, rumors suggest you'll need to wait until 2025 for a true Switch 2 successor. You can disable auto-updates for individual games in the eShop. This article explores the update in detail and offers tips to improve your Switch's connectivity.

Nintendo Switch Update 18.0.1 Fixes Network Connectivity Issues

According to Nintendo, the recent Switch update 18.0.1 resolves connectivity issues some users were experiencing, especially related to wireless networks. The patch is recommended for all Nintendo Switch owners to download and install.

Addresses Wireless Network Problems

The update specifically targets problems connecting to wireless networks that utilize WPA3 encryption. Users who were unable to access the Internet or connect to other Switch consoles on their wireless network should find these issues resolved after downloading and installing the update. As a temporary workaround, Nintendo recommended Switch owners change their Wi-Fi encryption to WPA2 (AES) to install the update.

Improves System Stability

In addition to fixing wireless network connectivity issues, the update also provides unspecified improvements to the overall stability of the Switch operating system and interface. These updates help ensure optimal performance and reliability of the Switch hardware and software.

How to Disable Auto-Updates for Games

To turn off automatic updates for games on your Nintendo Switch, open the System Settings menu, select System, scroll down to Automatic Software Updates, and disable the option to "Download Update Data Automatically (Recommended)". This will prevent your Switch from automatically downloading updates for games so you can choose when to install them manually.

The release of Update 18.0.1 shows Nintendo’s continued commitment to refining and improving the Switch platform. Addressing connectivity and performance issues helps provide the best possible user experience for Switch owners. Additional system and security updates can be expected from Nintendo to maintain a stable, secure environment on the Switch.

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How to Download Update 18.0.1 if You Can't Connect

Unfortunately, the 18.0.1 update addresses issues with wireless connectivity, so to download it, you will need a temporary workaround if you are currently experiencing network problems.

Connect via Ethernet Cable

To download the update without Wi-Fi, you will need to connect your Nintendo Switch dock to your router using an Ethernet cable. Once connected:

  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Select "System Update"
  3. Choose "Via the Internet"
  4. The update should start downloading automatically.

Allow up to 30 minutes for the update to fully download and install.

Disable Auto-Update for Games

To prevent your Switch from automatically updating games and apps, you will need to change a setting:

  1. Go to the Nintendo eShop
  2. Select your profile icon in the top right corner
  3. Choose "Settings/Other"
  4. Toggle "Download Updates Automatically" to off

With this setting disabled, you will receive notifications when updates for games and apps are available, but they will not download or install automatically. You can choose to download them manually at your convenience.

We hope these steps help you connect temporarily to download the critical 18.0.1 stability update. Nintendo is working to resolve ongoing wireless issues, but in the meantime, an Ethernet connection and disabling auto-updates should allow most users to keep their Switch systems up to date. Please contact Nintendo Support if you continue to experience technical difficulties.

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Disable Auto-Updates for Games After Installing Latest Patch

After installing update 18.0.1 on your Nintendo Switch device, it is advisable to disable the auto-update feature for your games to avoid potential issues. To disable auto-updates, follow these steps:

Navigate to System Settings

From the Home screen, select the “System Settings” icon. This will open the Settings menu.

Select “System”

Choose the “System” option. This will display additional system settings and options.

Choose “Auto-Update Software”

Select “Auto-Update Software” to access the auto-update options.

Toggle “Auto-Update for Games” to Off

Flip the toggle next to “Auto-Update for Games” to the “Off” position. This will disable automatic updates for any games you have installed.

Updates Can Still Be Installed Manually

Disabling auto-updates does not prevent you from manually updating your games. You can check for updates at any time by highlighting the game icon, pressing “+”, and selecting “Software Update”. Install any available updates to ensure optimal performance.

It is prudent to disable auto-updates for at least a few days after a system update to allow any issues to be identified and resolved. Once Nintendo confirms the stability of update 18.0.1 and any subsequent patches, you can re-enable auto-updates for your convenience to ensure your games are always up-to-date.

Regular system and software updates help to improve performance, fix bugs, patch security risks, and provide the optimal user experience. However, as with any technology, occasional unforeseen issues may arise. Temporarily disabling auto-updates provides an added layer of protection for your Nintendo Switch and game data.


You can resolve ongoing network problems by updating your Nintendo Switch system software to version 18.0.1. Temporarily changing your wireless router's encryption to WPA2 (AES) may allow the download to complete if you are experiencing connectivity issues. With the update applied, your Switch should maintain more stable internet access.

As Nintendo gears up for the heavily rumored 2025 launch of the Switch 2, continue enjoying your current system's vast game library. And for those wanting more control over game updates, you can disable the auto-update feature in System Settings to manage downloads manually. By keeping your device up-to-date and understanding key settings, you will get the most out of your Switch gaming experience.

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