How to Unlock the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant

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In XDefiant, many weapons are not immediately available. If you're wondering how to unlock the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant, we're here to help. Follow these steps to get your hands on this popular gun.

Starting the Challenge

Focus on the Challenge

To unlock the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant, you need to complete a specific challenge. Your task is to get 10 Assault Rifle Longshot Kills. Longshot kills are achieved from a distance greater than 30 meters.

Choose the Right Weapon

Use the M4A1 for this challenge. It's a reliable all-round Assault Rifle available from the start. Avoid the AK-47 due to its high recoil. Switch to the M16A4 once you unlock it, as it's more effective at long range.

Strategy for Longshot Kills

Positioning and Aim

Position yourself in sight of an objective to stack longshot kills easily. Aim for headshots to get quicker kills and maintain recoil control for accuracy.

Track Your Progress

Monitor your progress in the Challenges menu under the Base section. As you work toward unlocking the ACR 6.8, you'll also make progress toward unlocking other weapons like the AK-47 and M16A4 by dealing damage and getting headshot kills.

After Unlocking the ACR 6.8

Level Up Your Weapon

Once you unlock the ACR 6.8, your journey isn't over. Level up your weapon to unlock new attachments and, eventually, the Mastery skins. This enhances your gameplay and allows you to customize the ACR 6.8 to your liking.

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Unlocking the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant is straightforward if you focus on the challenge. Get 10 Assault Rifle Longshot Kills, use the right weapons, and track your progress. Follow these tips, and you'll have the ACR 6.8 in no time. Happy gaming!

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