How to Stack Bounties in Destiny 2

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Each Destiny 2 player has their preseason ritual, and some want to stack bounties to get an early start when new content drops. Bounty stacking gives you a little boost when a season or expansion begins by giving you some Artifact mods and season pass XP early. Stacking bounties may seem straightforward, but making the most out of it takes some time and planning. While any bounty works in theory, you need to pick the right ones if you want to maximize your gains.

What Is Bounty Stacking?

Bounty stacking is finishing bounties but not turning them in until the next season or expansion. Since the bounties don’t expire after completion, you can hold onto them for a while and save them to open when they grant progress toward a new season.

Steps to Stack Bounties

1. Complete and Save Bounties

Finish bounties before they expire, but don’t turn them in. Save them until the new season.

2. Clear Your Quest Tab

Bounties take up a slot in your Quests tab, so get rid of unused quests for maximum room. You can hold 63 bounties and quests at a time per character.

3. Choose the Right Bounties

Different bounties have different XP values. Focus on:

  • Weekly bounties (12,000 XP each)
  • Daily bounties (6,000 XP each)
  • Repeatable bounties (3,000 XP each)

4. Use XP Boosts

Equip your Ghost mod for extra XP and team up with someone for the Shared Wisdom buff.

5. Wait for the New Season

Wait for the next season to roll over, then turn in all bounties from the previous season to get a boost in season pass levels.

6. Repeat on Other Characters

Repeat the process on all your characters to maximize your gains.

Best Bounties to Stack

Since different bounties have different values based on their rarity, it’s best to save them in the following order:

  • Weekly bounties: These provide the highest XP (12,000 each). Prioritize them.
  • Daily bounties: These offer a moderate amount of XP (6,000 each). They are also worth stacking.
  • Repeatable bounties: These provide the least XP (3,000 each) but can still be useful.

If a bounty is related to an activity that happens each week, you can stack more than one of them. For instance, there are six Ascendant Challenges in the Dreaming City, so you can stack one bounty for each Ascendant Challenge.

Bounties to Avoid Stacking

Some bounties have a higher XP value and therefore are prime targets for stacking. Likewise, players should avoid bounties that don’t give out much XP. Check if a vendor is receiving a rework with a new season, as that can remove their bounties.

Transmog bounties should also be last on your list if you’re focusing purely on XP values since you have a few months to complete them and can use their space to stack other, higher-value ones. If you need the transmog currencies, however, stacking them saves you the trouble of completing them later.

Using Tools to Stack Bounties

Guardians can find a multitude of tools to help them stack bounties. Our favourite is, which has an incredible bounty checklist section and one of the best vault-cleaning tools. We use this website every new season, and we always come out with a few dozen free vault slots and a bunch of bounties in tow.


Knowing how to stack bounties in Destiny 2 can give you a significant advantage at the start of a new season. Follow the steps outlined above to maximize your gains and ensure you’re always ahead of the game. Happy stacking, Guardians!

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