How to Get Mythic Cars in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3

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Cars are a central feature in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3. Although you can equip any regular vehicle with powerful mods, you can also find some already decked out with the finest enhancements. Mythic cars come with everything you need and are quite powerful but tricky to get. Here’s how to get Mythic cars in Fortnite.

Finding Mythic Cars

Defeating Bosses

To get Mythic cars in Fortnite, you need to find and defeat one of the bosses hanging around the map. There are three different bosses you can fight to earn one of these vehicles:

  • The Machinist
  • Megalo Don
  • Ringmaster Scarr

Locations of Mythic Cars

Both the Machinist and Megalo Don’s Mythic cars can either be stationed at specific locations on the map or moving around the world. Ringmaster Scarr’s car is always at the Nitrodome since she is too. When the Mythic cars are at fixed spots, you can find them in vehicle cages at:

  • Brutal Beachhead
  • Nitrodome
  • Redline Rig

All three locations are situated on the south end of the map.

Claiming Mythic Cars

You can claim the Mythic cars from these spots by standing in front of the vehicle cages with the corresponding boss Medallion equipped. While Ringmaster Scarr rules over the Nitrodome at all times and keeps her Mythic car securely locked away, the Machinist and Megalo Don regularly take their vehicles out for a drive. When they’re traveling in their cars, you have to find their Medallion icon on the map and fight them until they hop out of their car, at which point you can jump in and take off in your new car.

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Battle Strategy

Fully Defeating Bosses

Although you can take off with the Mythic cars as soon as the bosses hop out, I recommend fully beating the Machinist and Megalo Don before leaving. If you finish vanquishing them in battle, you also get their powerful Mythic weapons to go with your new Mythic car.

Advantages of Mythic Cars

You’re pretty unstoppable if you manage to get one of these cars since they repair themselves over time and have some strong mods ready to use. If you want to earn a Victory Royale, driving one of these vehicles is important.


Now you know how to get Mythic cars in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3. Defeat the bosses, claim the cars, and use their powerful mods to dominate the game. Happy hunting!

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