How to Get Gems in MultiVersus

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MultiVersus is full of equipment, currencies, and boosts. This can make it hard to keep track of everything, especially if you're wondering how to get Gems in MultiVersus. Fortunately, we have the answer.

What Are Gems in MultiVersus?

Gems in MultiVersus are crucial for the PvE game mode, Rifts. They provide buffs to your characters and significant advantages, ranging from defensive boosts to automatic attack dodging. These are vital for completing Rifts on higher difficulties, so building a good stockpile is wise.

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Ways to Get Gems in MultiVersus

Rift Node Rewards

Winning Rift Nodes is one way to get Gems in MultiVersus. Competing and winning in these nodes will earn you Gems as rewards.

Daily Rewards

Check the Daily Rewards for new Gem rewards every day. This makes it worthwhile to keep tabs on the game mode for the latest updates.

Battle Pass Progression

Advancing through the Battle Pass also rewards you with Gems. Keep progressing to earn more.

Daily Missions

Completing Daily Missions can grant you Gems. Regularly check and complete these missions to boost your Gem collection.

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Managing Gem Attunements

When entering a Rift Node, you might see a warning about a “mismatch” in the Gems you have equipped. This is due to different Attunements, such as Chaos and Digital. Chaos Attunement Gems don’t match Digital Rift requirements, so you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

Eventually, you will have a large catalogue of Gems. You can level them up by earning duplicates, enhancing their power.

Purchasing Gems with Gleamium

If you need new Gems urgently or want to level up the ones you have, you can purchase additional Gems in the Store using Gleamium.

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Understanding how to get Gems in MultiVersus is essential for maximizing your potential in the game. By using Rift Node Rewards, Daily Rewards, Battle Pass progression, and Daily Missions, you can build a strong collection of Gems. Managing Gem Attunements and purchasing Gems with Gleamium can further enhance your gameplay.

Stay proactive and check for new Gem opportunities regularly to ensure you always have the best advantages in your Rifts adventures.

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