How to get and use Motes of Light in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2’s Pale Heart is filled with secrets, and players who explore the Traveler’s core will soon find themselves with a Mote of Light in their inventory. Motes of Light are essential for progressing and unlocking valuable rewards, including the coveted Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic auto rifle. Here's a detailed guide on how to get and use Motes of Light in Destiny 2.

What Are Motes of Light?

Motes of Light are crucial items in Destiny 2, especially in The Final Shape expansion. They are used to open the chest containing the Exotic version of the Khvostov auto rifle. Each Mote of Light has a designated drop source, making them essential for Guardians who want to complete their collection.

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How to Get Motes of Light

Traveler’s Visions

You can obtain Motes of Light by interacting with Traveler’s Visions scattered throughout the Pale Heart. There are eight Traveler’s Visions, each granting one Mote of Light.

Overthrow Bosses

Nine additional Motes of Light can be earned by defeating specific bosses in the Overthrow zones. Each zone has three bosses that spawn randomly. Here's a list of the bosses and their locations:

  • The Landing:
    • Ir Okmarr, Devoted to Savathûn (Lucent Hive Wizard)
    • Nolakh, Star-Eater (Lucent Hive Titan)
    • Mharuk, Sky-Stealer (Lucent Hive Hunter)
  • The Blooming:
    • Voxelos, Taken by the Witness (Taken Minotaur)
    • Kholon, Taken by the Witness (Taken Ogre)
    • Koftiks, Taken by the Witness (Taken Servitor)
  • The Impasse:
    • Rhuna, Subjugator of Chasms (Stasis Subjugator)
    • Rhaska, Subjugator of Thresholds (Strand Subjugator)
    • Araaxen, Reverent of the Witness (Tormentor)

Bug Fixes and Updates

Early in The Final Shape, there were issues with the Taken Servitor boss not dropping the final Mote of Light. Bungie temporarily disabled the boss but has since pushed a fix. Ensure that you revisit these bosses to complete your collection of Motes.

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How to Use Motes of Light

The Final Chest

Once you've collected all the Motes of Light, the last one will convert into a Mote of Primordial Light. This item is crucial for unlocking the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic auto rifle.

Opening the Khvostov Chest

With the Mote of Primordial Light in your inventory, head to the chest containing the Khvostov, located on the left side of the Old Tower. If you have placed all the Visions of the Traveler and have the Mote of Primordial Light, you can open the chest and claim your reward.

Tips for Efficient Farming

  • Equip Hiking Gear: Prepare for long sessions of boss hunting and exploration.
  • Track Bosses: Make sure to revisit high-yield locations and defeat all required bosses.
  • Check Inventory: Ensure all collected Motes are accounted for to avoid missing the final step.

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Knowing how to get and use Motes of Light in Destiny 2 is essential for obtaining the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic auto rifle. By following this guide, you can efficiently gather all necessary Motes and unlock this powerful weapon. Keep exploring, defeating bosses, and tracking your progress to ensure you don't miss any crucial steps. Happy hunting, Guardians!

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