How To Check XDefiant Stats

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XDefiant, the first-person shooter from Ubisoft, is built for competition. Competitive players will want to track their progress. Here’s how to check XDefiant stats.

How to Check XDefiant Stats on Leaderboards

As of now, there are no official in-game leaderboards in XDefiant. Ubisoft plans to add leaderboards after the full launch of Ranked mode. Currently, only a Trial Run playlist for Ranked exists, without official rankings.

Using to Check XDefiant Stats

While waiting for official leaderboards, players can use to check XDefiant stats. This third-party site tracks various stats during the preseason.

Steps to Check Your Stats

  1. Visit Open the website.
  2. Enter Username: Input your Xbox, PlayStation, or Ubisoft username.
  3. View Stats: Check your stats, such as total wins, win percentage, and kills per game. Features

  • Leaderboard Categories: Track stats like total wins, win percentage, and kills per game.
  • Player Base Percentile: See where you rank among other players.

Using is the best way to check XDefiant stats during the preseason. It allows you to track progress and compare yourself with other players.

Future of XDefiant Leaderboards

Once the official leaderboards are released, expect detailed rankings in various formats. The exact style and format are yet to be confirmed, but it will likely offer a comprehensive view of player stats and rankings.

Keep an eye out for updates from Ubisoft regarding the official leaderboard launch.

In summary, knowing how to check XDefiant stats is essential for competitive play. Using allows you to stay on top of your game until official leaderboards are available.

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