Every Destiny 2 DLC and Expansion in Order

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Destiny 2 has evolved significantly since its release in September 2017. Bungie has continuously expanded the game with numerous DLCs and expansions, each bringing new content and changes. Here's a look at every Destiny 2 DLC and expansion in order.

The Red War (September 2017)

Although not an official expansion title, many players refer to the opening campaign of Destiny 2 as "The Red War." This campaign set the stage for the battle against the Cabal and their leader, Dominus Ghaul.

Curse of Osiris (December 2017)

Curse of Osiris was the first paid expansion for Destiny 2. It introduced the planet Mercury as a new destination and focused on rescuing the legendary Warlock, Osiris, from the Vex.

Warmind (May 2018)

Warmind was the second major expansion and added Mars as a new destination. Players faced off against an awakened Hive army and their worm god, Xol, with the help of the Warmind, Rasputin.

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Forsaken (September 2018)

Forsaken marked the beginning of Year Two and brought significant changes to Destiny 2. It introduced two new destinations: The Dreaming City and Tangled Shore. Players hunted down the eight Scorn Barons and encountered new enemy types and a new weapon, the bow.

Black Armory (December 2018)

The Black Armory DLC focused on reviving old forges and creating powerful weapons. It introduced new forges and the "Scourge of the Past" raid.

Joker's Wild (March 2019)

Joker's Wild expanded on the Gambit mode introduced in Forsaken. It added new Gambit Prime and Reckoning activities, focusing on the Drifter's story.

Penumbra (June 2019)

Penumbra included the Season of Opulence, adding new activities, a six-player matchmade activity called the Menagerie, and the "Crown of Sorrow" raid.

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Shadowkeep (October 2019)

Shadowkeep was Bungie's first major expansion after splitting with Activision. It reintroduced the Moon as a destination, brought back iconic locations, and introduced new activities like Nightmare Hunts.

Season of Dawn (December 2019)

The Season of Dawn focused on rescuing Saint-14 and introduced new activities like the Sundial.

Season of the Undying (October 2019)

This season revolved around the Vex invasion and included new Vex Offensive activities.

Season of the Worthy (March 2020)

Season of the Worthy reintroduced the Trials of Osiris PvP mode and focused on the threat of the Almighty.

Season of Arrivals (June 2020)

Season of Arrivals set the stage for the upcoming Beyond Light expansion, with new public events and story missions.

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Beyond Light (November 2020)

Beyond Light introduced the icy moon Europa and a new subclass, Stasis. It marked the beginning of a new era and included the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Season of the Hunt (November 2020)

Season of the Hunt revolved around hunting down the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath and introduced new activities like Wrathborn Hunts.

Season of the Chosen (February 2021)

Season of the Chosen focused on the Cabal Empress Caiatl and included new Battlegrounds activities.

Season of the Splicer (May 2021)

Season of the Splicer introduced the Vex Network and activities like Override and Expunge.

Season of the Lost (August 2021)

Season of the Lost bridged the gap to the Witch Queen expansion, focusing on Mara Sov and the Awoken.

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The Witch Queen (February 2022)

The Witch Queen expansion centered on Savathûn and her Throne World. It introduced Hive Guardians and a new Legendary campaign mode.

Season of the Risen (February 2022)

Season of the Risen followed the Witch Queen expansion, featuring new PsiOps Battlegrounds activities.

Season of the Haunted (May 2022)

Season of the Haunted returned players to the Leviathan and introduced the Sever missions.

Season of Plunder (August 2022)

Season of Plunder focused on pirate-themed activities and included new Ketchcrash missions.

Season of the Seraph (December 2022)

Season of the Seraph focused on Rasputin and the threat from Xivu Arath.

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Lightfall (February 2023)

Lightfall introduced the neon-soaked Neomuna on Neptune and a new subclass, Strand. It included the Root of Nightmares raid and significant quality-of-life updates.

Season of Defiance (February 2023)

Season of Defiance followed Lightfall, introducing new activities and story missions.

Season of the Deep (May 2023)

Season of the Deep explored the underwater mysteries of Titan, adding new missions and activities.

Season of the Witch (August 2023)

Season of the Witch focused on Eris Morn and the Hive, adding new seasonal content and challenges.

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The Final Shape (June 2024)

The Final Shape expansion took players into the Traveler, featuring the Pale Heart as a new destination. It introduced the Prismatic subclass and concluded the Light and Darkness saga.

Episode: Echoes (June 2024)

Episode: Echoes continued the story after The Final Shape, featuring new missions and activities on Nessus.

Upcoming Episodes and Expansions

Future episodes like Revenant and Heresy are planned for 2024/early 2025. The next major expansion, Codename: Frontiers, is set to arrive after Episode: Heresy.

This concludes our overview of every Destiny 2 DLC and expansion in order. Stay tuned for more updates as Bungie continues to expand the Destiny universe.

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