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This week, the Epic Games Store offers users with free weekly Games & you can seize the chance to download The Big Con, an adventure game set in the 1990s, and Town of Salem 2, the sequel to the popular social deduction game, completely free of charge thanks to Epic Games Store.

With the reveal of more free games on the horizon, including the dystopian thriller Industria and side-scroller Lisa: The Definitive Edition, you have even more to look forward to as Epic Games Store continues their weekly giveaways. Stay tuned each week to discover what new gems you can add to your collection without spending a dime.

The Epic Games Store: A Hub for Free Weekly Games

The Epic Games Store offers users free games on a weekly basis, providing an opportunity to add new titles to their digital libraries at no cost. Recently, The Big Con and Town of Salem 2 were available for users to claim.

Next week, Industria and Lisa: The Definitive Edition will be offered for free. Among the variety of genres and titles, users can look forward to new game releases, enhancing their digital libraries with the latest offerings from the Epic Games Store.

A Vast Catalog of Genres

The free weekly games span a variety of genres, from adventure and action to puzzles and platformers, including titles like the 'A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition' and 'Car Mechanic Simulator 2018'. This diverse catalog provides something for gamers of all interests, showcasing the range from strategy and simulation to adventure and action.

The Big Con, for example, is an adventure game following a teenager traveling across America in the 1990s. In contrast, Town of Salem 2 is a strategy game set in a city of liars and thieves.

Built-In Wishlist and Notifications

The Epic Games Store has useful features for keeping track of free games and sales. Users can add games to a wishlist to receive a notification when they are discounted or free. When new free games become available each week, the store sends an alert so gamers do not miss the opportunity to claim them.

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A Growing Collection Over Time

While the free games are only available to claim for one week, once users add them to their library, they own them permanently. Over the course of a year, consistent visitors to the Epic Games Store can amass a sizable collection of free titles across genres. For budget-conscious gamers, the Epic Games Store is an excellent source for high-quality games without the high costs.

Community Reviews and Forums

In addition to the free games themselves, the Epic Games Store hosts community reviews and discussion forums for each title. Before claiming a free game, users can read reviews from other players to determine if it matches their tastes. The forums are also useful for finding tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for the games.

This Week's Freebies: The Big Con and Town of Salem 2

The Big Con

This week, the Epic Games Store is offering players two free titles to add to their digital libraries. First is The Big Con, a 90’s-themed adventure game where players assume the role of Ali, a teenager on a mission to save her family video store. To earn enough money, Ali goes undercover at a number of locations, picking pockets and hacking security systems along the way.

With stylized graphics and gameplay inspired by classic point-and-click adventure titles, The Big Con provides a fun, lighthearted experience for players of all ages. In previous offerings, games like Mortal Shell in December and titles such as F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch in December were also made available for free, showcasing the Epic Games Store's commitment to providing a diverse range of titles.

town of salem 2 gameplay

Town of Salem 2

The second free offering this week is Town of Salem 2, the sequel to the popular multiplayer game of deception and intrigue. Players are secretly assigned roles such as investigator, jailor, or one of many others and must work together to discover the evildoers hiding among them.

Set in a reimagined version of colonial New England, Town of Salem 2 builds upon the original with improved graphics, additional roles, and new ways for players to interact. For those looking to test their deduction skills against friends or strangers online, Town of Salem 2 offers an engaging social experience.

Between the single-player adventure of The Big Con and the multiplayer deceit of Town of Salem 2, the Epic Games Store has something to offer all types of players this week. Both titles are available to claim for free from now until May 5th, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to add two great games to your library at no cost.

With new free offers arriving each week, the Epic Games Store continues to be a valuable resource for budget-conscious gamers.

Upcoming Free Games: Industria and Lisa: The Definitive Edition


On May 5, the first-person shooter Industria will be available for free on the Epic Games Store. In this atmospheric sci-fi thriller, you play as a woman trapped in a mysterious underground facility in an alternate 1980s. As you explore the facility to find a way out, you discover its sinister purpose.

Industria features a compelling story, challenging puzzles, and intense combat against dangerous creatures and machines. If you enjoy story-driven shooters with a retrofuturistic aesthetic, Industria will be worth adding to your library.

industria gun fight

Lisa: The Definitive Edition

The following week, on May 12, the Epic Games Store will offer Lisa: The Definitive Edition for free. This quirky role-playing game takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You play as Brad Armstrong, a middle-aged man searching for his adopted daughter, Buddy. The turn-based combat system allows you to use unconventional weapons like yo-yos, syringes, and joy buzzers to defeat bizarre enemies.

With its odd sense of humor and memorable characters, Lisa provides a unique experience for RPG fans looking for something different. Additionally, Evoland Legendary Edition is another example of the unique and enhanced gaming experiences offered for free on the Epic Games Store, showcasing the variety of premium game experiences available at no cost.

Keep Watching

In summary, the Epic Games Store will provide users with two distinct gaming experiences at no cost over the next couple of weeks. Whether you prefer atmospheric first-person shooters or quirky turn-based RPGs, the upcoming free games have something to offer players with a variety of tastes.

Be sure to claim Industria and Lisa: The Definitive Edition before the offers expire to add these titles to your digital library. With new free games offered weekly, the Epic Games Store continues to provide value to users at regular intervals.



As we have seen, Epic Games Store provides an excellent opportunity for gamers to expand their libraries with high-quality titles at no cost, including a diverse collection of video games and showcasing titles powered by the latest in gaming technology, such as Unreal Engine.

With new free games offered each week, you can consistently add to your collection just by visiting the store and claiming the promotions. Whether you appreciate action adventures, quirky indies, or classic RPGs, Epic likely has something for you soon. Regularly check the deals page to ensure you never miss out on these giveaways.

With a little effort on your part, you can amass a gaming collection to rival any hardcore fan. Epic makes it simple to try new genres and discover hidden gems without breaking the bank. Take advantage of this generous offer today.

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