XDefiant Releases First Update

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Ubisoft's Shooter Receives Major Improvements

Ubisoft's online shooter XDefiant releases first update, addressing numerous issues and reactivating the Practice Zone game mode. This update comes as the game continues to gain traction and positive reviews from the gaming community.

Launch Challenges and Initial Success

XDefiant has had a longer-than-expected road to release. With its fast-paced arena-style gameplay, it has faced immense pressure to be a "Call of Duty Killer." Despite multiple delays, the game has finally launched and become a significant hit for Ubisoft. The free-to-play shooter has received praise for ditching controversial features like skill-based matchmaking and simplifying weapon customization.

Update Overview

The first major patch for XDefiant is now available for all players to download. This update makes several improvements to the game, including tweaking the netcode and fixing hit registration issues. Damage will now be accurately displayed on enemy players. Players will also no longer drop their device at their feet after respawning if killed during the deployment animation.

Practice Zone Returns

The biggest highlight of this update is the reactivation of XDefiant's Practice Zone game mode. Disabled during the preseason period, players can now complete challenges linked to this mode. However, Ubisoft has warned that some players may still encounter issues while using it. The patch notes mentioned that players were sometimes loaded into a zone outside of the game world, which has been (probably) fixed.

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Patch Notes

Game Modes:

  • Sometimes players loading into the Practice Zone would spawn outside the world, in a hellscape, and now they (probably) will not.


  • Fixed an issue where if the player died during the device deployment animation, their next deployed device would drop at their feet rather than be thrown as intended.


  • That issue where you'd get hitmarkers on an enemy as they killed you, but their health bar still appeared full to you? The health bar display was wrong - you did damage them. Should be fixed now.


  • Fixed an issue where end-of-match UI text would display with the wrong orientation in Arabic.


  • We've turned the Practice Zone back on but it's possible weird things could still happen.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing low framerates with some AMD GPUs.

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Future Updates and Content

While XDefiant is in its preseason, players can unlock various factions by playing and earning XP. The DedSec faction from Watch_Dogs joins the game, alongside factions like the Phantoms from Rainbow Six, Cleaners from The Division, Eschelon from Splinter Cell, and Libertad from Far Cry 6. Ubisoft has big plans for XDefiant, with more content and adjustments expected as the game approaches its Season 1 launch.

Upcoming Events

Ubisoft Forward and Summer Games Fest in June will likely bring more news about XDefiant's future. Fans can look forward to additional updates, content, and improvements as the game continues to evolve.

In conclusion, XDefiant Releases First Update, bringing significant improvements and reactivating the Practice Zone game mode. This update marks the beginning of Ubisoft's ongoing efforts to refine and expand the game, ensuring an engaging experience for players. With the game's preseason in full swing and Season 1 on the horizon, XDefiant is poised to become a staple in the online shooter genre.

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