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Top Racing Wheels for Xbox Series X|S

Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

For a premium racing experience, the Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel is an excellent choice. It features a brushed metal design, suede leather grips, and paddle shifters for responsive manual shifting. The CSL Elite works with Xbox Series X|S consoles and comes with the P1 steering rim, which provides dynamic force feedback and vibration to simulate road conditions. At around $500, it offers superb quality for dedicated racing fans.

Thrustmaster TMX Pro

The Thrustmaster TMX Pro is a more affordable force feedback wheel priced under $250. It has a 900-degree rotation, 12 action buttons, and a D-pad on the wheel to control various in-game functions. The TMX Pro uses Thrustmaster’s FFB system to produce realistic feedback and is officially licensed for Xbox Series X|S. For casual racers looking to upgrade from a standard controller, the TMX Pro is a compelling choice without a steep learning curve.

Logitech G920 Driving Force

Logitech’s G920 Driving Force is another popular mid-range racing wheel. It provides dual-motor force feedback, helical gearing for smooth steering, and solid pedals for precise acceleration and braking control. The wheel has quality construction with hand-stitched leather and stainless steel components. Multiple buttons allow convenient access to various game functions. Officially supported on Xbox Series X|S, the G920 Driving Force offers an immersive sim racing experience for around $250.

Upgrading to a premium racing wheel can significantly enhance the realism of racing titles on Xbox Series X|S. With a range of options at different price points, there are high-quality choices for sim racing enthusiasts and casual players alike.

Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel

Key Features to Look for in a Quality Xbox Racing Wheel

Force Feedback

Force feedback simulates the feeling of driving a real vehicle by providing resistance and vibration through the wheel. Look for a wheel that offers strong, responsive force feedback for the most realistic experience. The Logitech G920 and Thrustmaster TMX are two highly-rated options with dual motor force feedback.

Adjustable Rotation

For precise steering and control, choose a wheel with an adjustable rotation of at least 900 degrees.Wheels with 900 to 1080 degrees of rotation can handle everything from tight turns to long drifts. Some high-end models offer adjustable rotation up to 1080 degrees for maximum realism.


Quality pedals complete the racing setup. Look for a wheel that includes a throttle, brake, and clutch pedal.The pedals should be adjustable and offer resistance for simulating the feel of driving. Higher-end models may include load cell brake pedals which measure pressure for ultra-responsive braking.

Console Compatibility

Ensure any wheel you purchase is specifically compatible with Xbox Series X|S. While some wheels are compatible with both Xbox and PlayStation, others are designed solely for one console or the other. For the best performance, choose a wheel that officially supports Xbox Series X|S.

Additional Controls

Extra controls on the wheel like paddle shifters, buttons, and D-pads allow for functions like changing gears, navigating menus, and adjusting settings without interrupting gameplay. Look for a wheel with several programmable buttons and controls for convenience.

With the right features like strong force feedback, adjustable rotation, quality pedals, console compatibility and additional controls, an Xbox racing wheel can transform your gameplay into an authentic driving experience. Take your time to find a wheel with the combination of features that suit your needs and budget.

Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

Setting Up and Optimizing Your Racing Wheel on Xbox Series X|S

To ensure an optimal racing experience with your premium wheel on Xbox Series X|S, there are a few key steps to take. First, connect your racing wheel to your console according to the included instructions. This typically involves plugging the USB cable into an open port on the console.

Calibrating Your Wheel

Once connected, you will need to calibrate your wheel to properly align the center point and range of motion. This can be done through the wheel's on-screen display menu or the Xbox Accessories app on your console. Follow the on-screen prompts to turn the wheel fully left and right so it can detect the full range of motion. Calibrating the wheel correctly is essential for precision steering and control in racing games.

Adjusting Wheel Sensitivity

The sensitivity of your wheel determines how much you need to turn it to get a response in-game. If it feels too responsive or not responsive enough, you can adjust the sensitivity. This is also done through the wheel's display menu or Xbox Accessories app. Start at a moderate sensitivity level around 50-75% and make minor adjustments from there based on your preferences.

Optimizing Force Feedback

Many premium racing wheels offer force feedback to provide realistic resistance and feedback based on in-game physics and track conditions. The strength of the force feedback can often be adjusted to your liking. Start with a moderate level around 75% and increase or decrease from there. Stronger force feedback leads to a more realistic driving feel but may reduce comfort over long play sessions.

By properly setting up and optimizing your premium racing wheel, you will be fully immersed in the driving experience on Xbox Series X|S. Take the time to adjust the calibration, sensitivity, and force feedback to your personal preferences for the most realistic and responsive racing available on console. With some fine-tuning, you'll be dominating the track in no time.

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