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Controversial "Create-A-Sign" feature Returns in WWE 2K24

Last week marked the release of WWE 2K24, a highly anticipated addition to the wrestling game franchise. However, amidst the excitement of the new Create-A-Sign feature in the game's community creations hub, some players have resorted to their old tricks.

The Create-A-Sign feature allows users to design and share custom signs for audience NPCs to hold during matches. While intended for harmless fun and creative expression, it appears that some players are abusing this feature by uploading sexually explicit images instead of the usual WWE banter.

Explicit Banners

Despite the presence of a flagging system to report inappropriate content, these explicit images have managed to rise to the top of both the Most Downloaded and Most Upvoted pages within the community hub. This raises questions about the effectiveness of the flagging system and whether users are actively flagging inappropriate content.

It's important to note that WWE 2K games are typically rated T (Teen) by the ESRB, indicating content suitable for ages 13 and older. However, wrestling games are often enjoyed by younger kids as well, making the presence of explicit content a cause for concern. In fact, the sexually explicit nature of these images far exceeds the boundaries of a T rating and would typically warrant an M (Mature) rating.

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Unfortunately, this isn't a new issue for the WWE gaming community. Similar incidents have occurred in the past, where players utilized the game's Create-A-Logo feature to upload inappropriate images, which also managed to reach the top of the community rankings.

As players and developers navigate this challenge, it underscores the need for robust moderation tools and community guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players

Explicit Content Uploads Run Rampant in Latest WWE Game

Wrestling fans were delighted when publisher 2K Games announced the latest installment of the WWE 2K franchise would once again allow players to upload their own custom characters, arenas and videos. However, it seems not all players got the memo about appropriate content.

Within hours of release, social media lit up with complaints of rampant pornographic uploads, from X-rated character skins to full-on explicit videos. It seems 2K's content filters missed a few things in their haste to give fans what they wanted. Oops.

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While some fans defend this as “creative freedom,” others argue this opens the door for kids and families to encounter graphic content they didn't sign up for. Complaints of this nature are nothing new for the WWE 2K series, so you’d think 2K might have learned their lesson by now. Instead, they flung open the doors once more, consequences be damned.

Rather than tempering expectations by acknowledging the potential issues, 2K gave vague reassurances about “improved content moderation.” Yet barely a day in, it’s clear their moderators were ill-equipped to handle the onslaught of rule-breaking uploads. How could they not see this coming? Did they learn nothing from past mistakes?

For now, the only option is to disable the ability to download custom content altogether. While an extreme solution, it’s better than subjecting players to a sea of unfiltered filth. Perhaps it’s time for 2K to accept that some fans simply can't be trusted with nice things.

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WWE 2K24's Questionable Content Moderation Policies

Let’s face it, the WWE 2K24 developers were just asking for trouble when they decided to bring back the ability to upload custom content. Did they really think the player base would restrain themselves to painstakingly recreating their favorite classic wrestlers and arenas? Come on, guys, this is the internet.

You knew as soon as that feature was announced what was coming - a deluge of lewd and obscene content flooding the servers. Now the developers are stuck playing an endless game of whack-a-mole trying to remove the filth as fast as it appears. Their content moderation team must need hazard pay at this point. Every time they ban one inappropriate upload, three more pop up in its place like a hydra of depravity.

A simple solution would be to just remove the custom content feature altogether in the next release. But the money-hungry execs would never go for it - they’re making bank off of players buying extra creation slots and parts packs. Looks like the mod team better stock up on eye bleach, because they’re going to be seeing a lot more of players’ "creative” content before this dumpster fire of a feature finally gets extinguished.

In the meantime, players should use discretion if browsing community creations. You never know when an NSFW (or NSFH - not safe for humanity) monstrosity might scar you for life. Here’s a suggested moderation policy for the dev team: if it makes you question humanity, it probably shouldn’t be in the game.

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