Ubisoft Announces Layoffs of 45 Employees

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Ubisoft Lays Off 45 Employees in Global Publishing and Asia-Pacific Divisions

Global Publishing Division

Ubisoft announced layoffs impacting 45 positions across its global publishing and Asia-Pacific divisions. The majority of job cuts, around 30 roles, will be made in the publisher’s Global Publishing division, specifically within live operations and production teams. The remaining 15 positions will be eliminated from Ubisoft’s Asia-Pacific studios.

Restructuring Efforts

The publisher stated these layoffs are part of an ongoing restructuring effort to “adapt its global publishing and operations teams to the industry’s fast-changing environment.” Ubisoft aims to increase development on high-potential titles and redeploy resources to priority areas like digital and mobile gaming. The job cuts are unrelated to Ubisoft’s development studios and game production.

Impact on Employees

The 45 employees affected by the layoffs will receive severance packages and career support. Layoffs are always difficult, but Ubisoft’s goal is to treat departing staff with dignity and respect. The company will work closely with impacted individuals to assist them in finding new opportunities, whether internally at Ubisoft or with other studios.

Looking Ahead

While reducing headcount is regrettable, Ubisoft believes these changes will benefit its long term growth. The publisher will continue investing in innovative projects, developing industry-leading technologies, and delivering high-quality gaming experiences to players worldwide. By streamlining operations and reallocating resources to key expansion areas, Ubisoft aims to build a more agile and sustainable business model for the future.


Details on the Ubisoft Layoffs and Affected Departments

Global Publishing

Ubisoft announced the elimination of over 20 positions within their Global Publishing division, which oversees marketing and sales. The layoffs are said to impact multiple regions, though no specifics were provided on which areas were most affected. Ubisoft cited “organizational changes” as the reason for the cuts, potentially indicating a restructuring of roles and responsibilities within Global Publishing.


Ubisoft’s Asia-Pacific division, including studios in China and India, was also impacted by the recent layoffs. Over 25 jobs were cut from multiple departments, including marketing, human resources, and game testing. Ubisoft mentioned focusing resources on “key strategic initiatives” as the rationale for the Asia-Pacific layoffs. The job cuts may allow Ubisoft to redirect funding and personnel to areas they deem most critical for growth and success in the region.

The layoffs at Ubisoft continue a recent trend of job cuts and restructuring at major video game companies. While releasing strong titles and experiencing overall growth, companies are making targeted cuts to optimize operations and control costs. For Ubisoft employees, the cuts mean increased uncertainty and workloads for those remaining. Ubisoft assured the move will allow them to “better align staffing levels” with their evolving needs as a company. Additional details on the financial impact and specific roles eliminated were not disclosed.


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