The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update Has Arrived

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The new update for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is now available on all platforms. This patch brings significant fixes and introduces exciting new DLC packs. Here's everything you need to know about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update.

Biweekly Updates Keeping Fans Satisfied

Regular Fixes and Improvements

Since March, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has received biweekly updates. Most of these updates focus on gameplay fixes, ensuring a smoother experience for players. Despite some fans drawing comparisons to Evil Dead: The Game, which stopped releasing new content, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre continues to show commitment to its player base.

Recent Patch Details

The May 28 update brought several changes. Notably, on the Nancy's House map during night time, the sound of thunder has been increased by 25%, and lightning strobing has been reduced to help photosensitive players. These adjustments highlight the developers' attention to player feedback and accessibility.

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Fixing the Infinite Skill Points Glitch

Addressing Urgent Issues

One of the most urgent fixes in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update addresses the Infinite Skill Points glitch. This bug allowed players to gain unlimited skill points during respecing. The latest patch ensures that players now receive the correct amount of skill points when respecing.

Additional Fixes

Other fixes in this update include resolving visual and audio issues. Blood will now properly show on Nancy’s Prim ‘N Proper Outfit during executions, and Johnny's voice lines text has been corrected.

New DLC Packs: Enhancing the Horror

Connie Outfit Pack 2

Alongside the update, two new DLC packs have been added. The first is the Connie Outfit Pack 2, which adds a new costume with various color variants for the farm girl, Connie. This pack allows players to customize their character's appearance, adding a fresh look to the game.

Execution Pack 3

The second DLC, Execution Pack 3, introduces new executions for each member of the Slaughter family: Leatherface, The Cook, The Hitchhiker, Sissy, Johnny, and Nancy. These new executions are purely cosmetic and do not impact gameplay, but they add a thrilling visual element for fans of the game.

A Unique Business Model

Focus on DLCs

Publisher Gun Interactive has chosen a unique business model for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Unlike other games in the asymmetrical horror genre, which often feature a battle pass, this game focuses on offering DLCs. As of now, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has 21 DLCs, including outfits, executions, and new characters.

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Patch Notes for May 28 Update

Tuned: Nancy’s House - Nighttime Weather

  • Increased the sound of thunder by 25%
  • Reduced lightning strobing to flash three times per second to aid photosensitive players

Fixed: Infinite Skill Points

  • Respeccing now grants the appropriate amount of skill points
  • Fixed an issue where respeccing allowed infinite skill points

Other Fixes

  • Corrected the issue where blood did not appear on Nancy’s Prim ‘N Proper Outfit during executions
  • Fixed Johnny's voice lines text


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update brings crucial fixes and exciting new DLCs to the game. With ongoing biweekly updates, fans can rest assured that the game will continue to receive the attention and improvements it deserves. Keep an eye out for more thrilling updates and DLCs as you navigate the terrifying world of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

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