Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update Adjusts Perks and Gameplay

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You load into a Trial as your favorite Survivor, ready to repair generators and escape the Killer's web. However, something feels different. Your usual perks don't provide the same benefits. Did the Entity weaken your abilities? No, it's the new Texas Chain Saw Massacre update that shakes up the perk meta by nerfing some fan favorites and fixing others.

Say goodbye to certain playstyles and perk synergies. But it's not all bad news. While your go-to builds may need reworking, new cosmetics let you stand out from other players. Adapt and overcome the changes for a better balanced experience overall. This patch aims to improve gameplay for all.

Overview of the Latest Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update

Adjustments to Perks

The developers rebalanced several perks to improve gameplay and encourage viable build diversity. For example, the Fired Up perk previously granted increased movement speed when injured; now it provides increased stamina regeneration instead.

Similarly, Empowered no longer grants an increase to maximum health, but rather faster stamina regeneration when other survivors are injured, hooked or dying. These changes aim to shift certain perks away from direct health benefits to more strategic benefits centered on mobility and stamina management during chases.

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New Cosmetic Items

Dedicated players now have additional customization options, including Sissy's Wildflower Outfit and Level 99 Blackout Cosmetics for those who have reached maximum rank. These new outfits allow players to show off their accomplishments and support for the game.

Gameplay Improvements

The latest patch also includes several fixes to perks, interactions, and mechanics to enhance the overall player experience. For instance, an issue causing the Enduring perk to not function properly after hitting a survivor has been resolved.

Additionally, a bug preventing pallet stuns when a killer is transitioning into a lunge animation has been fixed. These types of incremental improvements and bug fixes help to polish gameplay, address exploits, and make the game more fair and fun for all.

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Overall, the latest Texas Chain Saw Massacre update brings a combination of strategic perk changes, new cosmetic rewards, and impactful fixes to create a better-balanced and more engaging experience for players at all skill levels. With continued updates of this kind, the game will only improve over time.

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