Suicide Squad Outfits Free All Week


Log in Daily for Free Suicide Squad Outfits

To receive free in-game outfits for your character this week in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, simply log into the game daily. For logging in each day this week, you will receive one free Suicide Squad-themed outfit.

Once the week is over, the outfits will no longer be available for free and will need to be purchased in-game if you want to add them to your collection.

Mix and Match

The free outfits can be mixed and matched with other clothing items you already own to create unique looks for your character. Get creative with your style and show off your Suicide Squad fandom. The different outfit pieces can also provide gameplay bonuses like increased health, stamina or weapon damage when equipped.

Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your character’s wardrobe for free. Show your squad spirit with these limited time rewards.

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Details on the Free Daily Login Outfits

Outfits Unlocked upon Initial Login

Upon your initial login to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League this week, you will unlock the ‘Harley Quinn: The Animated Series’ outfit. This classic outfit harkens back to Harley Quinn’s early days in Batman: The Animated Series. The red and black outfit comes complete with Harley’s signature jester cap.

Daily Rotation of Free Outfits

For the remainder of the week, logging in daily will unlock a new free outfit. The outfits follow a daily rotation and will only be available for unlocking on that particular day. If you miss a day, you will miss out on unlocking that outfit. The full schedule of outfits includes:

  • Day 2: Deadshot’s ‘New 52’ outfit with glowing wrist cannons
  • Day 3: Captain Boomerang’s ‘The Flash’ outfit modeled after his first comic appearance
  • Day 4: King Shark’s lumberjack outfit, plaid shirt and all.

To claim your free daily outfit, simply log into Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and navigate to the in-game marketplace. The daily free outfit will pop up automatically for you to unlock at no cost. But act fast, because if you don’t login and claim the outfit that day, it will disappear from the marketplace.

suicide-squad characters

More Ways to Customize Your Suicide Squad Characters

In addition to the daily login bonuses, players can also earn extra customization options by completing daily and weekly challenges. The daily challenges refresh each day and task players with small goals like defeating a certain number of enemies or completing a mission within a time limit. The weekly challenges involve more substantial goals but also provide bigger rewards. Players looking to unlock outfits and gear at an accelerated pace should be sure to knock out as many of the daily and weekly challenges as possible.

Earn and Spend Tokens

Players earn bronze, silver, and gold tokens for completing missions, challenges, and daily logins. These tokens can then be spent in the in-game store to purchase additional character customization options like outfits, gear, emotes, and skins. Players wanting maximum customization flexibility should earn and save up their tokens to spend on premium outfit and gear options. The selection of items available for purchase with tokens rotates frequently, so check the store often for new options.

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