Soulmask Gameplay and Story

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Blessed with the power of a mystical mask, build your own tribe and survive the harshest of nature in the open world of Soulmask! Read on to learn more about Soulmask gameplay and story.

The Story

A New Beginning

Soulmask puts you into the shoes of a sole survivor of a tribe war, who just escaped from being sacrificed in a deadly ritual. While escaping, they stumble upon a mystical mask. Little did they know that this mysterious mask holds endless power, and it ends up changing their life forever. Blessed with this power, players will survive and build their own clan in this primitive land full of things to discover. Explore the vast world full of tribes, lush environments, and even acquire other mystical masks.

Tribal Life

In the world of Soulmask, there are three major tribes—the Flint, the Fang, and the Claw. The trailer shows a village razed to the ground by one of these tribes, and the player character saving one of the last survivors to come with them to build their own fearsome tribe. Each day, the weak perish in the jungle. Yet, the strong among them will always adapt and survive. The demo trailer tells the story of the player character’s beginning through cutscenes. Given another chance at life, the character then goes on to become stronger and more powerful, leading their own tribe. "Don the mask, and create your own era."

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Survival and Building

Soulmask is an open-world sandbox survival game that aims to give an authentic survival experience. Though players start out with nothing, they’ll be able to collect materials, fight enemies both human and beast, and expand their tribe’s influence to the farthest of lands. Experience the tribal life by recruiting tribesmen NPCs with varying personalities and talents in order to grow the clan in size and power.

Combat and Exploration

Combat is diverse with eight different weapon styles and over 75 unique battle skills and action modules. Mix and match to create your personalized fighting style. Explore the vast world armed with your trusty weapon, and discover all the ancient relics scattered across the map while fending off opponents. But be warned—there are fearsome bosses lying in wait for you.

Farming and Cooking

If combat is not your forte, you can tap into your inner farmer to build yourself a cozy home and run your own farm. Complete with a diverse range of crops and livestock. With your homegrown fruits and vegetables, you can even become a gourmet chef and create a wide array of dishes.

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The mystical mask in Soulmask gameplay and story offers endless possibilities. Build your tribe, explore vast lands, and face fearsome bosses. Embrace your role and create your own era. Soulmask gameplay and story will immerse you in a world where survival, combat, and farming blend seamlessly to create an unforgettable experience.

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