Sony Investigate Leaked PS5 Pro Details


Sony Confirms Internal Investigation Into PS5 Pro Leak

Sony Interactive Entertainment has verified that confidential details about an unannounced PlayStation 5 Pro console were illegally accessed and distributed online without authorization. In a statement, Sony confirmed that “an unauthorized third party illegally accessed internal materials.”

Investigation Underway

Sony has launched an internal investigation to identify the source of the data breach and security vulnerability that enabled the unauthorized access. According to inside sources, the leaked information included specifications and renderings of a more powerful version of the PlayStation 5, referred to as the “PS5 Pro.” While Sony declined to comment on the accuracy of these reports, their confirmation of an internal investigation signals that confidential information was compromised.

Impacts and Next Steps

The leak could impact Sony’s planned reveal and rollout of the PS5 Pro, as competitors may now have insight into their product roadmap and technical specifications. However, the effects will depend on how far along Sony is in the development process and how much information was obtained by the unauthorized third party. Going forward, Sony will likely overhaul their internal security protocols to prevent future breaches, especially given the sensitive nature of their product development plans. They may also accelerate the announcement of the PS5 Pro to mitigate the impacts of these leaks, though no official statements have been made regarding a new console at this time.

The data breach is an unfortunate setback for Sony, who has otherwise had a successful launch of the PlayStation 5. By conducting a prompt investigation and taking appropriate actions, Sony can work to contain the situation and refocus public attention on their latest gaming offerings. While the leaks may have revealed details about what’s to come, Sony still has the opportunity to wow customers with the official unveiling of the PS5 Pro on their own terms.

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What We Know So Far About the Leaked PS5 Pro Details


According to the leaked details, the PS5 Pro will feature upgraded components over the standard PS5 to enable 4K graphics at 120Hz and 8K graphics at 60Hz. The PS5 Pro is said to include an improved AMD Zen 3 CPU with 12 cores and 24 threads, along with an upgraded AMD RDNA 3 GPU with 20GB of GDDR6 memory. If proven accurate, these components would provide substantially increased processing power and graphics capability over the current PS5 model.

Release Timeline

Rumors suggest the PS5 Pro may launch in late 2022, roughly two years after the release of the original PS5. This release window would follow Sony's historical pattern of releasing a mid-generational console upgrade. However, given the impact of the global health crisis on supply chains and manufacturing, the actual release date remains uncertain.

Backward Compatibility

Sony has not officially confirmed if the PS5 Pro will be backward compatible with the PS5 and older PlayStation consoles. Given the company's focus on backward compatibility in recent years and the architectural similarities between the PS5 and rumored PS5 Pro, there is a reasonable chance of at least PS5 game compatibility. Full backward compatibility with older PlayStation platforms would depend on Sony's ability to emulate those systems on the upgraded PS5 Pro hardware.


There are no credible price points for the unannounced PS5 Pro currently available. If the console is positioned as a premium product over the standard PS5, a higher retail price would be expected. The final pricing for the PS5 Pro would depend on multiple factors, including its technical specifications, release date, and competitive landscape.

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What This Investigation Means for the Future of the PS5 Pro

The internal investigation into leaked details about the rumored PS5 Pro presents an opportunity for Sony to reevaluate security protocols and better protect confidential information going forward.

Tighter Restrictions on Access to Sensitive Data

It is likely that Sony will implement stricter controls over who has access to specifications and other sensitive data related to unannounced products. This may include limiting access to only key personnel directly involved in the development process. Additional safeguards, such as requiring multiple levels of authentication to view certain documents, could also strengthen data security.

Delaying or Canceling the PS5 Pro

If the leaks prove damaging enough, Sony may opt to delay or cancel the PS5 Pro altogether. However, given the resources already invested in developing an upgraded model and the potential benefits of releasing an enhanced version of their flagship console, outright cancelation seems unlikely. A short delay to allow the controversy to dissipate and make improvements addressing consumer concerns may be a more prudent option.

Communicating with Customers

Sony will need to determine how best to address this situation with their customers and the gaming community as a whole. Remaining transparent about the status of the PS5 Pro without revealing confidential details will be important in regaining trust and support. A sincere message acknowledging the leaks, reaffirming their commitment to data security, and providing reassurance about the quality and value of future products may go a long way toward repairing any damage done.

The investigation into the PS5 Pro leaks highlights the need for companies like Sony to constantly reevaluate their data security practices to keep up with emerging threats. By taking appropriate actions, continuing to focus on high standards of quality and customer service, and maintaining open communication, Sony can overcome this challenge and continue providing great experiences for gamers.

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