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Master the Basics: Controls, Combat, and Stealth


To become a master Ronin, you must first familiarize yourself with the game's controls. The left analog stick or D-pad controls your character's movement, while the right analog stick controls the camera. The face buttons (X, Circle, Square, Triangle) control attacks and interactions. Learn to move smoothly and keep enemies in your view at all times.


Rise of the Ronin features a variety of weapons including katanas, bows, and throwing stars. Focus on mastering one weapon at a time. Pay attention to timing, distance, and enemy attack patterns. Blocking and parrying are essential to overcoming foes. Successful counters will leave enemies vulnerable to lethal blows.


Stealth and subterfuge are hallmarks of the Ronin's approach. Crouching in foliage or shadows will conceal you from enemies. Distract them by throwing stones or using firecrackers, then sneak up from behind for a quiet takedown. Scout the area to find multiple paths to your objective. The most effective Ronin completes missions without ever revealing his presence.

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Choose Your Playing Style: Samurai, Ninja, or Ronin


The samurai class focuses on direct combat and defense. Choose this class if you prefer an honorable warrior who wields a katana sword and wears heavy armor. As a samurai, you rely on discipline and mastery of martial arts to defeat opponents. Success requires balancing attack and defense while managing your stamina and health.


In contrast, the ninja class emphasizes stealth, agility and deception. Select this class if you prefer accomplishing objectives through stealth and surprise attacks. Ninjas utilize ninjutsu skills like jumping, climbing and swimming to infiltrate locations undetected. Success relies on strategically eliminating enemies before they become aware of your presence. However, ninjas sacrifice armor and health for mobility.


Finally, the ronin class represents a wandering swordsman who serves no master. Choose this class if you prefer maximum flexibility and adaptability. Ronin may utilize samurai or ninja skills depending on the situation. They can equip various weapons and armor types to suit different needs. However, ronins lack specialized skills, requiring players to determine how to defeat each opponent. Success depends on reading the enemy and environment to gain advantages, making ronin the most challenging class for beginners.

In summary, analyze your preferred playing style and skills to determine if you align most with the samurai, ninja or ronin class. Each provides unique advantages and disadvantages that significantly impact your success and experience in Rise of the Ronin. Choose wisely to ensure you start off your adventure on the right foot.

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Top Tips for Beginners: Exploration, Upgrades, Side Quests


As a beginner, thoroughly exploring the world of Rise of the Ronin is key. Travel the roads and paths between villages and cities to discover new locations and complete side quests. Exploring the world will allow you to discover valuable resources for crafting, uncover hidden treasures, and gain experience points to level up your character.


Upgrading your weapons, armor, and skills is essential for success. As you explore, collect materials and gold to improve your equipment. Pay blacksmiths in villages to strengthen your katana and forge new armor. Visit dojos to learn new combat skills. Upgrading your character will allow you to defeat more difficult enemies and progress further in the main quests.

Side Quests

Do not ignore the side quests given by villagers and nobles. Completing side quests earns you valuable experience points, gold, and resources. Side quests also provide context about the world and backstory for the main questline. However, do not spend too much time on side quests that your character level is not ready for yet. Some side quests contain difficult enemies that require a higher level to defeat. Focus on side quests appropriate for your current level before progressing in the main story.

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