Rebirth Island’s Anticipated Return to Call of Duty: Warzone Teased

call_of_duty_warzone REBIRTH ISLANDRebirth Island Map Removed From Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone players were dismayed to find that the Rebirth Island map was unexpectedly removed from the game’s map rotation without warning or explanation. Rebirth Island provided an alternative to the massive Verdansk map, featuring a smaller play space better suited to fast-paced, close-quarters combat.

Quick Respawn

The Rebirth Island map allowed players to respawn quickly after defeat, rather than having to wait for a squad wipe or a timer before reentering the match. This encouraged an aggressive playstyle focused on seeking out enemy players, rather than the stealthier tactics often required to survive in Verdansk. Players who preferred a more combat-heavy experience found a home in the constant action of Rebirth Island.

Anticipated Return

While developer Raven Software has yet to officially announce a return date for Rebirth Island, data miners have uncovered evidence pointing to its reintroduction in a future update. Code referencing a “Rebirth Reinforced” mode and assets for an updated version of the map itself suggest Raven Software has plans to bring back the popular arena, likely with gameplay tweaks and improvements to its visuals. The studio has a history of temporarily removing content from Warzone to refine and rebalance it, so hopes remain high for the map’s comeback.

The removal of Rebirth Island was a blow to players craving fast-paced Call of Duty action. All signs point to the map making its way back into Warzone soon, bringing players back to the constant combat and quick respawns that made it a fan favorite. Warzone looks set to become a battle royale with something for every playstyle.


Teasers Hint at Rebirth Island's Return

Call of Duty recently teased the potential return of the Rebirth Island map in Warzone. Players discovered clues pointing to the re-release of the map, building anticipation for its comeback.

Radio Transmissions & Hidden Messages

Players found radio transmissions and hidden messages within Verdansk referencing a ‘rebirth’ and coordinates leading to Rebirth Island. Characters urged listeners to ‘prepare for what’s to come.’ These hints ignited speculation that Rebirth Island may return as an in-game location.

Previous Limited-Time Modes

Rebirth Island first appeared in Warzone as a limited-time Resurgence mode in December 2020. The small, action-packed map quickly became popular, though it was removed shortly after. Its temporary return in April 2021 further fueled rumors of its re-release as a permanent map.

Anticipated Full Return

While not officially confirmed, the teasers and previous limited-time modes suggest Rebirth Island may come back as a permanent map in Warzone. The island’s return would provide players an alternative to Verdansk, pleasing fans of the faster-paced, close-quarters combat Rebirth Island offers.

The clues point to an anticipated full return of the Rebirth Island map. Between the in-game hints, previous limited-time modes, and player feedback, Rebirth Island’s comeback seems imminent. The map’s re-release would provide a thrilling shift in gameplay and scenery for battle royale fans. While waiting for an official announcement, players can continue searching Verdansk for hints of what’s to come.


What to Expect When Rebirth Island Returns to Warzone

When Rebirth Island returns to Call of Duty: Warzone, players can anticipate experiencing the familiar small map gameplay that was temporarily removed. Rebirth Island provides tense, fast-paced action in a confined space.

Close Quarters Combat

The compact size of Rebirth Island leads to frequent close quarters combat encounters and battles at short ranges. Players must be highly aware of their surroundings and ready to engage enemies around every corner. Success requires quick reflexes, snap decision making, and proficiency with short range weaponry.

Faster Paced Matches

The smaller map size also results in faster paced matches on Rebirth Island. The initial drop into the map leads to immediate action, and players can rapidly traverse the entire playable area. Matches tend to end more quickly, with final circles closing in rapidly. This quicker pace rewards aggressive playstyles and constant movement around the map.

Second Chance Respawn

A key feature of Rebirth Island is the second chance respawn mechanic. Players who are eliminated have an opportunity to return to the match by having their teammates purchase a redeployment at a buy station. This respawn ability allows for more reckless play at times, as players know they have a chance to return even after being defeated. It also places more emphasis on teamwork, as squads must work together to keep each other in the game.

The return of Rebirth Island will provide a shift in gameplay within Warzone, offering a different style of play on a familiar map. Players seeking fast-paced, close quarters action will relish the opportunity to drop into Rebirth Island once again.

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