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Its that time of year again, a new console and a new leak! The PS5 Pro Specs Surface Online as playstation prepares for damage control.

Leaked PS5 Pro Specs Hint at a Powerful Next-Gen Console

PS5 Pro specs have surfaced online prior to Sony's official announcement. Recent rumors had pointed to Sony releasing an upgraded version of the PlayStation 5, known as the PS5 Pro, with significantly enhanced hardware specifications

In the preceding month, analysts indicated the likelihood of Sony unveiling the PS5 Pro later within the year 2024. This enhanced version aims to generate increased interest in the PS5, particularly with the impending launch of Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2025. We previously wrote about how the success of GTA 6 will carry significant implications not only for Rockstar and Take-Two but also for Sony.


According to reports, the PS5 Pro may feature an upgraded AMD processor with up to 5.5 GHz clock speeds, as well as a beefed-up GPU based on AMD's next-generation graphics architecture with hardware-based ray tracing support. These components could provide major performance gains for playing games at 4K resolution and high frame rates.

Increased RAM and Storage

The PS5 Pro is also rumored to double the amount of RAM to 32GB, which would benefit more advanced physics and graphics. Additionally, while the current PS5 offers an 825GB solid-state drive, the Pro model may provide 2TB of storage so players can install more games without needing to delete titles to free up space.

Enhanced Display Support

To take full advantage of the PS5 Pro's power, Sony may sell a companion 8K TV or gaming monitor. The PS5 Pro could support 8K graphics, 3D audio, and variable refresh rate technology for ultra-smooth gameplay. While 8K TV ownership is not yet mainstream, releasing an 8K-capable console could help drive adoption of the new display standard.

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How the Rumored PS5 Pro Compares to the Existing PS5

Power and Performance

According to recent leaks, the PS5 Pro will feature upgraded components to provide significantly more power and performance compared to the standard PS5 console. The Pro is rumored to include an enhanced GPU with 36 compute units and 2.2 GHz clock speeds, as well as 24 GB of GDDR6 memory - double that of the PS5. These substantial improvements could enable 4K resolution at 120 FPS and 8K resolution at 60 FPS for an ultra-high fidelity gaming experience.


The PS5 Pro may also provide additional storage space, with some sources claiming it will offer 2 TB of solid state drive storage. This expanded capacity could be ideal for players looking to have more of their game libraries accessible on the console at once, especially as games continue to grow larger in size. However, Sony has not confirmed if the PS5 Pro will include additional storage over the standard PS5.

Backwards Compatibility

Much like the PS5, the PS5 Pro is expected to be fully backwards compatible with PS4 games. Players who upgrade to the Pro would still be able to enjoy their existing PS4 libraries with potential performance benefits, such as higher frame rates, faster load times, and improved graphics. The Pro may also enable certain PS4 Pro enhancements for compatible games. Full PS5 backwards compatibility on the Pro could allow players to seamlessly transition to the new console without losing access to their current collections.

Release and Pricing

Sony has a track record of introducing Pro iterations of its gaming consoles. For instance, the PS4 Pro debuted in November 2016, three years following the initial release of the PS4. Should Sony proceed with the launch of the PS5 Pro this November, it would mark four years since the release of the PS5 in November 2020. Potential pricing for a PS5 Pro is unknown but may be significantly higher than the PS5 to match its more premium capabilities. Unless Sony confirms the rumors, the exact specs, features, and details of a possible PS5 Pro remain uncertain.

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What the PS5 Pro Spec Leak Could Mean for the Future of PlayStation

Increased Power and Performance

If the leaked specs are accurate, the PS5 Pro will feature upgraded components that provide substantially more power and performance over the standard PS5 model. The inclusion of an improved GPU and CPU could enable the PS5 Pro to achieve higher frame rates, resolution, and visual quality in games. For players interested in the best possible performance, the PS5 Pro may be an appealing option over the standard PS5.

Support for 8K Gaming and Virtual Reality

The leaked specs suggest the PS5 Pro may support 8K resolution and virtual reality gaming, while the standard PS5 is currently limited to 4K and does not officially support VR. The additional power of the PS5 Pro could be necessary to provide a premium 8K and VR experience on par with high-end PC gaming rigs. If Sony embraces 8K and VR with the PS5 Pro, it may indicate a shift in focus for the PlayStation platform toward the most cutting-edge display and input technologies.

A New Top-Tier PlayStation at a Premium Price

If released, the PS5 Pro would likely occupy a new top position in the PlayStation lineup with a higher price point than the standard PS5. While the PS5 Pro may be geared toward hardcore gamers interested in the latest technology and maximum performance, its premium price could limit its appeal to more budget-conscious players. The potential release of a PS5 Pro suggests Sony aims to compete at the highest end of the console market in addition to the mainstream, though doing so may come at the cost of some price sensitivity.

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