Pokemon GO Event Debuts New Pokemon

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Details on the Upcoming Pokemon GO Event

Arrival of New Shiny Pokemon

Trainers will have the opportunity to encounter three new Shiny Pokemon - Wimpod, Kartana, and Celesteela. Shiny Pokemon are rare, alternate-colored versions of regular Pokemon. Encountering a Shiny Pokemon is a thrilling experience for any trainer. These three new Shiny Pokemon will likely be challenging to find, so trainers should take advantage of the increased spawn rates during the event.

Increased Spawns and Raids

In addition to the new Shiny Pokemon, the event will feature increased spawn rates for certain Pokemon like Wimpod, Golisopod, Kartana and Celesteela. There will also be raid battles featuring these Pokemon at gyms during the event. Defeating these Pokemon in raids will yield greater rewards like rare candy and TMs. The increased spawns and raids provide more opportunities for trainers to catch these Pokemon, earn candy to power them up, and maybe even encounter a Shiny!

Special Research Storyline

A new special research quest will be available during the event featuring a storyline based around the new Shiny Pokemon. Completing the research tasks will reward items like Pokeballs, berries, stardust and encounters with the new Shiny Pokemon. The quest provides an engaging experience for trainers to learn more about the new Pokemon while earning great rewards.

Overall, this Pokemon GO event promises to be an exciting time for trainers with the debut of three new Shiny Pokemon, increased spawns and raids, and a special research quest. Trainers should take full advantage of all the event has to offer!

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Meet the New Shiny Pokemon: Wimpod, Kartana, and Celesteela


Wimpod, the Turn Tail Pokemon, is a Bug/Water-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Wimpod has a timid nature and will flee from any confrontation or battle. However, once it evolves into Golisopod, it becomes much more formidable. Shiny Wimpod has a pink body in place of its normal yellow color.


Kartana is an Ultra Beast Grass/Steel Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It resembles an origami crane and is known for its razor-sharp edges and wings. Kartana's high Attack stat makes it a formidable physical attacker, though its low HP and Special Defense make it fragile. Shiny Kartana has red edges and details in place of its normal yellow.


Celesteela is an Ultra Beast Steel/Flying Pokemon also introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It resembles a bamboo shoot and is known for being one of the tallest Pokemon. Celesteela has high HP, Special Attack, and Special Defense, though low Speed. It performs well as a tank in battle. Shiny Celesteela has blue and teal details in place of its normal red and yellow.

With the debut of these three new Shiny Pokemon, trainers will have additional challenges and rewards to pursue during this exciting in-game event. By encountering and catching these rare Shiny Pokemon before the event ends, dedicated trainers can add unique and colorful new allies to their Pokemon collection.

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How to Catch the New Shinies: Tips and Strategies

Check the Event Details

To catch Shiny Wimpod, Kartana or Celesteela, you must first understand the details of the event. Niantic will announce the event dates and times, as well as which Pokémon will be featured. Make sure to note whether the Shinies will only be available for a limited time, or if they will remain in the game after the event concludes. Plan your Pokémon GO playing schedule accordingly so you can maximize your opportunities to encounter these rare Shiny Pokémon.

Find the Pokémon in the Wild

Once you know which Pokémon will be featured in their Shiny forms, focus your efforts on finding those particular Pokémon appearing in the wild. Activate an Incense or Lure Module to increase the spawn rate of Pokémon around you. Then walk around areas where those Pokémon frequently appear, such as parks, beaches and college campuses. Tap on every single one of those Pokémon you see to check if it's Shiny. With patience and persistence, you'll encounter a Shiny one!

Hatch Eggs and Battle Raids

In addition to finding Shiny-eligible Pokémon in the wild, you can also hatch eggs and battle raids during the event period. Pokémon in eggs and raids have a chance to be Shiny as well. Hatch as many 2 km, 5 km and 10 km eggs as possible. Battle in every raid at every Gym you pass by. The more Pokémon you encounter through these methods, the better your odds of finding a Shiny one.

Following these tips and consistently playing Pokémon GO during the special event will maximize your chances of catching Shiny Wimpod, Kartana, Celesteela or whichever new Shiny Pokémon are released. Don't get discouraged if you don't find one right away. With dedicated hunting, you'll spot that prized golden Pokémon in no time! Keep at it—your new Shiny Pokémon is out there waiting for you!

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