PlayStation VR 2 Headset Stopped

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In a strange turn off events, PlayStation VR 2 Headset Stopped indefinitely. The sudden stop in VR 2 palnms byplaystation is an interesting one but what effects will this have on the studio?

PlayStation VR 2 Production Rumored to Be Temporarily Paused

Component Shortages Reportedly Slowing Manufacturing

Reportedly, Sony has halted the production of new PlayStation VR 2 headsets as it seeks to clear its existing inventory. Sales of PSVR 2 headsets have been slowing down gradually since their launch in February 2023. With over 2 million headsets manufactured, Sony aims to sell its remaining backlog before resuming production.

Recent Restructure

Despite the promise of virtual reality technology, demand has not met expectations. In December, First Contact Entertainment ceased operations after eight years due to a lack of support for virtual reality in the industry. The studio was known for developing popular titles like Firewall Zero Hour and Firewall Ultra for the PSVR platform.

In a recent restructuring, Sony laid off approximately 900 developers, impacting its VR division and leading to the closure of the PlayStation London studio. This studio was responsible for creating PSVR games such as PlayStation VR Worlds and Blood & Truth.

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What This Could Mean for the Future Of The PSVR 2

Sony appears to be exploring avenues to expand the VR market. Last month, the company announced plans to test PC compatibility for its PSVR 2 headsets, potentially broadening their appeal. So we do not believe there is any reason for panic just yet VR Fans!

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