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New Training Manual Items Added in Palworld Update


The latest Palworld update introduces Boosters, single-use items that provide temporary stat increases for your Pal. The three types currently available are Attack Boosters, Defense Boosters, and Speed Boosters. Using an Attack Booster will increase your Pal's attack power for 30 minutes, allowing you to deal more damage against enemies and raid bosses. Defense and Speed Boosters provide similar temporary boosts to defense and movement speed, respectively. These new items can be crafted at Workbenches or purchased from General Stores.

Improved Building Pieces

Palworld also adds sturdier building pieces that provide more protection for your base. Stone Walls have double the durability of Wooden Walls and Stone Doors are much more difficult for enemies to break down. For players focused on base-building, the update is a welcome addition. The new pieces do require Stone to craft, so be sure to stock up on this resource before upgrading your buildings.

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Summoning Altar Lets You Fight the First Raid Boss Pal

The recent update introduced the Summoning Altar, allowing players to summon and battle the game’s first Raid Boss Pal. To activate the Altar, you must gather rare materials through gameplay and quests. Once activated, you can summon the powerful Raid Boss Pal ‘Arackniss’ to battle.

Challenging New Enemy

Arackniss is a giant spider Pal with devastating poison attacks and high defenses. Fighting this formidable foe will require teamwork, strategy, and persistence to defeat. Players should form groups to take on this challenge, as solo attempts will likely end in failure. With its array of poison skills and minion summoning abilities, Arackniss represents the toughest challenge in Palworld to date.

Valuable Rewards

Triumphing over the spider Raid Boss yields valuable rewards for your efforts. Players who defeat Arackniss will receive rare evolution materials to strengthen their Pals, along with a chance to capture spider minion Pals. The spoils of victory also include new furniture, building materials, and other useful items. Defeating this boss is the only way to obtain some of the game’s most powerful gear and resources.

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Homeward Thundercloud and Recovery Meds Improve Travel and Health

Palworld’s latest update introduces the Homeward Thundercloud, an item allowing for swift travel between your home and any explored location. Simply activate the item, select your destination from the map, and you will be instantly transported there with all items and creatures in tow. This provides an efficient means of transportation for resource gathering, breeding expeditions and general exploration.

Additionally, Recovery Meds have been added to speed up the healing process for both yourself and your creatures. Consuming a Recovery Med will immediately restore a percentage of your health and stamina, as well as that of any creature in your party. Multiple Meds can be used in succession to fully replenish your vitality should the situation call for it. These restorative items are ideal for surviving dangerous encounters, minimizing downtime between battles and sustaining long exploration sessions.

Final Thoughts

With the Homeward Thundercloud and Recovery Meds, travel and survival in Palworld become markedly more convenient and secure. These useful tools decrease the risks associated with extended time away from home, and allow for greater focus on the core gameplay elements of exploration, resource gathering and creature breeding. Experienced players and newcomers alike will appreciate the enhanced accessibility and quality of life changes provided by these latest additions. Overall, the update takes meaningful steps towards optimizing the player experience in Palworld.

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