NWO Wars: Examining the Alex Jones Video Game

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Fact Details
Title Alex Jones NWO Wars
Release Date 3rd January 2024
Developers Infowars Studios
Genre Strategy, Tower Defense
Platforms PC, Mobile (iOS, Android)
Synopsis Alex Jones NWO Wars is a strategy game developed by Infowars Studios, based on the conspiracy theories surrounding the New World Order (NWO). Players take on the role of resistance fighters, battling against the forces of the NWO to expose their plans and defend freedom. Utilize strategic thinking and resource management to build defenses, recruit allies, and thwart the NWO's schemes.
Key Features
  • Engaging tower defense gameplay set in a dystopian world
  • Multiple levels and missions with increasing difficulty
  • Various defensive structures and units to deploy
  • Upgrade system to enhance defenses and abilities
  • Story-driven campaign mode uncovering the secrets of the NWO
  • Multiplayer mode for cooperative and competitive gameplay
  • Regular updates and content expansions

As a dedicated and loyal viewer of Alex Jones and his Infowars network, you are probably aware of the ongoing war for truth against the globalist New World Order elites. From exposing the lies of 9/11 and the Sandy Hook "hoax," to warning about the dangers of fluoridated water and chemtrails, Jones has been a courageous fighter on the front lines against the tyranny of the Illuminati. Now, you have a chance to join the battle yourself in the new first-person shooter video game, NWO Wars.

Introducing NWO Wars: The Controversial Alex Jones Video Game

The Inspiration Behind the Game

Alex Jones, the controversial radio show host and founder of InfoWars, released NWO Wars in 2024. The strategy game is set in a dystopian future where the New World Order has taken over society and the player leads a resistance movement to try and stop them. The game appears to be inspired by many of the conspiracy theories frequently discussed on Jones’ show and website.

Gameplay and Features

In NWO Wars, the player controls a team of up to four characters with different skills as they complete missions to undermine the New World Order. The game is a turn-based strategy RPG where players explore locations, fight enemies using both firearms and melee weapons, and have dialog with non-player characters. There are moral choices for the player to make that affect how some missions play out. The graphics are fairly basic but get the job done for a small indie title.

Reception and Controversy

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Gameplay and Plot Highlights of NWO Wars on Steam

NWO Wars received mixed to negative reviews from critics who felt the gameplay was uninspired and the story was nonsensical. However, some fans of Alex Jones and the theories he promotes enjoyed the experience. The game also received criticism for promoting harmful and unproven conspiracy theories, especially those relating to secret societies controlling world events. NWO Wars provides an interesting glimpse into the worldview of its creator, Alex Jones, and his most devoted followers.

Action-Packed Missions

NWO Wars features over 40 action-packed missions where players complete objectives to advance the plot. Missions include destroying enemy bases, escorting allies to safety, defending locations from attack, and assassinating key opponents. Players use a variety of weapons like machine guns, grenades, and rocket launchers to defeat enemies in fast-paced combat.

Uncover the New World Order Conspiracy

The main storyline involves investigating and exposing the sinister New World Order conspiracy. Players follow radio host Alex Jones as he tries to wake up the public to the globalists’ agenda. The game incorporates many of Jones’ real-world conspiracy theories, like false flag attacks, mass surveillance, and totalitarian world government. Players uncover clues and interview witnesses to piece together the truth.

Fight the Globalists

A cast of antagonists represents the major players in the New World Order like corrupt politicians, secret society members, and the United Nations. Players battle these forces throughout the game in the streets of cities around the world. Defeating the final boss, a powerful world leader, represents triumphing over the globalists and restoring freedom.

Choose Your Play Style

NWO Wars offers two gameplay modes. Campaign mode follows the main story, while Skirmish mode allows players to do quick battles against enemies. Players can also choose between first-person shooter style or real-time strategy style for controlling characters and units. Multiple difficulty levels suit players of all skill levels. With engaging gameplay and an intriguing if far-fetched story, NWO Wars will appeal to fans of action and conspiracy genres alike.

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Gameplay and Plot Highlights of NWO Wars on Steam

The Legacy of Alex Jones Video Games and Conspiracy-Themed Media

The popularity of Alex Jones and Infowars has led to various forms of conspiracy-themed media, including video games. These games and media perpetuate harmful conspiracies while also spreading misinformation.

Spread of Misinformation

Games like “NWO Wars: Modern Warfare” promote baseless theories, such as that the New World Order controls world events. By framing these ideas as entertainment, they lower viewers’ guards and make people more receptive to propaganda. Studies show that when people are absorbed in an interactive experience like gaming, they are more open to persuasive messages.

Normalization of Paranoia and Violence

Titles like “Infowars: The Game” and “NWO Wars” normalize paranoia and violence by portraying the player as a “freedom fighter” defending against a totalitarian New World Order. This preys upon people’s fears and anxieties, while framing violence as a solution. The militaristic themes and “good vs. evil” narratives tap into viewers’ emotions, not facts or evidence.

Commercialization of Conspiracies

Alex Jones and Infowars have built a lucrative business around propagating baseless theories. Their video games and media are a means to generate revenue, not spread truth. By commercializing and sensationalizing conspiracies, they profit from spreading misinformation and stoking fear.

In summary, Alex Jones’ video games and media promote harmful conspiracies and propaganda under the guise of entertainment. They spread misinformation, normalize paranoia and violence, and commercialize baseless theories. While freedom of speech is an important value, it does not justify spreading verifiably false information or inciting harm. More ethical regulations and critical thinking are needed to limit the influence of propaganda like these games.


In the end, regardless of your personal opinion of Alex Jones, the NWO Wars video game provides a window into a controversial figure. While the game's satirical nature aims for entertainment, examining the underlying themes offers insight into modern conspiracy culture. Rather than dismiss fringe theories out of hand, we can thoughtfully consider their origins and real anxieties. Though provocative, the game suggests paths to bridge divides. With empathy and sincerity, we might find shared hopes that transcend politics. This starts by truly listening, even to voices we disagree with.

Rating 5

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