NVIDIA New GeForce Now Day Passes

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NVIDIA Unveils New GeForce Now Day Passes

Convenient and Affordable Access

NVIDIA recently announced the introduction of new GeForce Now day passes, providing convenient and affordable access to their cloud gaming service. For just $9.99, subscribers can enjoy up to 6 hours of uninterrupted cloud gaming on the device of their choice. Once the time limit is reached or the day ends, access will expire until another pass is purchased.

Flexibility and Control

The day passes offer more flexibility and control over cloud gaming time compared to monthly memberships. For casual or new gamers, 6 hours may be sufficient for their needs. The passes can also serve as an introduction to the GeForce Now experience before committing to a monthly plan. For existing members, the day passes provide an option to extend play time on particularly active days.

Supported Devices and Libraries

GeForce Now day passes provide access to the same GeForce Now experience offered with monthly memberships. Subscribers can play from libraries they already own, including free titles, on Windows and Mac PCs, NVIDIA SHIELD, and select Chromebooks. Over 1,000 games are supported, with new releases added each week.

Convenient Payment Options

GeForce Now day passes can be purchased through the GeForce Now app using major credit cards, PayPal, and NVIDIA gift cards. Payment is charged immediately upon purchase. Passes must be used within 1 year of purchase and are non-refundable. Multiple passes can be purchased at once for future use.

The new GeForce Now day passes offer a flexible, affordable option for on-demand access to high-performance cloud gaming. For new or casual gamers interested in the convenience of gaming without downloads, updates or upgrades, these day passes are an easy way to get started with GeForce Now. For existing members, they provide a simple option to extend play time when needed.

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Details on the New GeForce Now 1-Day and 7-Day Passes

Access to GeForce Now's Library of Games

The new GeForce Now 1-Day and 7-Day Passes provide access to NVIDIA’s library of hundreds of games for a limited time. Both passes give you full access to stream games you already own from stores like Steam, Epic Games Store, Uplay, and Origin. The 7-Day Pass provides access for an entire week, while the 1-Day Pass is ideal for shorter gameplay sessions.

Experience GeForce Now on Multiple Devices

GeForce Now works on PC, Mac, Android, and NVIDIA SHIELD. The new passes enable you to stream games through the GeForce Now app on all supported devices. Switch between devices and pick up right where you left off, with cloud saves bringing your progress across every device.

Performance and Quality Built for Gaming

Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, GeForce Now delivers a fast, high-performance experience with gameplay at up to 120 FPS and 4K resolution. Experience low latency thanks to NVIDIA graphics technology and data centers located close to players. Both passes provide the same premium level of performance and maximum settings for graphics quality.

Flexible and Affordable Access

The 1-Day and 7-Day Passes for GeForce Now provide flexible, affordable access to the service for shorter periods. At $4.99 for 1 day of access or $24.95 for 7 days, the passes are ideal if you only have time for occasional gameplay or want to try out the service. The existing GeForce Now memberships remain available for longer-term access.

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Frequently Asked Questions About GeForce Now Day Passes

What Are GeForce Now Day Passes?

GeForce Now day passes provide 24 hours of access to NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service. For $4.99 USD, subscribers can play their PC games on nearly any device. Day passes offer an affordable way to try GeForce Now with no long-term commitment.

How Do Day Passes Work?

Once you purchase a day pass, you have 24 hours to play your PC games on GeForce Now. The time begins as soon as you start your first gaming session. All of your game progress, achievements, and settings are saved in the cloud so you can resume playing whenever you like within the 24-hour window. At the end of the period, your access expires until you purchase another day pass.

Can I play multiplayer games with a day pass?

Yes, day passes provide full access to GeForce Now, including multiplayer games and features. You can play co-op and competitive online games with friends who are also using GeForce Now or playing on PC. Voice chat and other communication options work the same as with a monthly GeForce Now membership.

Do day passes auto-renew?

No, GeForce Now day passes do not auto-renew. Once your 24 hours of access expires, your subscription ends until you purchase another day pass. You must manually buy a new day pass to continue using the service. NVIDIA does not charge you automatically for subsequent day passes.

Overall, GeForce Now day passes offer a low-cost, commitment-free option for accessing NVIDIA's library of PC games anywhere you have a strong internet connection. For $4.99, you get 24 hours of gameplay with access to multiplayer features and your game progress saved in the cloud. If you enjoy the experience, you can easily upgrade to a monthly GeForce Now subscription for unlimited play.

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