“Majority” of Roblox Money Earners Are 18+, Company Claims

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Roblox CEO Claims "Majority" of Creators Are 18+

The Data According To Roblox

Roblox CEO David Baszucki claims the majority of developers and creators on the platform are over the age of 18. In an interview, Baszucki said "the median age of our creators, the people who are actually publishing to the platform, is actually older, in their 20s.” While Roblox declined to provide specific figures to support this statement, the company maintains that concerns over minors earning money on the platform are overblown.

Addressing Exploitation Concerns

Critics argue that Roblox's model exploits young developers by paying them far less than the value they create. They claim minors are especially vulnerable to predatory practices. Baszucki counters that Roblox has "strict policies against the exploitation of any developers,” including those under the age of 18. The company requires parental consent for minors and places limits on how much time they can spend developing games.

Opportunities for Aspiring Developers

Roblox provides opportunities for aspiring game developers of all ages to learn, build, and potentially profit from their creations. For minors, Roblox's education initiatives teach valuable skills in coding, 3D modeling, and game design. While the median age of top earners may skew older, Roblox maintains that their platform gives developers of all backgrounds a chance to succeed.

The debate around minors, money, and Roblox highlights the complex issues platforms face balancing open opportunities with ethical practices. Roblox aims to give aspiring developers the chance to thrive, regardless of age, but must ensure proper safeguards and oversight, especially for minors. Overall, Roblox sees their platform as a place where creators of all ages and backgrounds can build their skills and potentially profit from their work.

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Roblox Defends Against Child Labor Allegations

Roblox's Terms of Use specify that users must be at least 13 years old to use the platform. The company states that they utilize both automated systems and human moderators to enforce age restrictions. Roblox also has strict policies prohibiting the exchange of personal information between users, which helps prevent predatory behavior.

Robux Currency

Furthermore, Roblox's virtual currency (Robux) and developer exchange rates are standardized across the platform. Roblox argues that it is therefore not possible for individuals or groups to exploit younger users by unfairly compensating them for their work. Roblox does allow players to convert Robux into real money through their Developer Exchange program, but only for users over 18 years of age and subject to additional verification.

Final Thought

In summary, while Roblox's platform is utilized by players of all ages, the company maintains that the vast majority of its content creators and top earners are adults and that they have systems in place to prevent the exploitation of minors. Roblox says that they strive to create a safe, inclusive environment for people of all ages and will take action against any behavior that violates their terms of service or community standards. The company invites any users with concerns to report them through proper channels so they can conduct a thorough review.

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