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The crazy clown Joker in Suicide Squad is a must if the franchise is going to get the best results from the game.

Joker's New Look in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Sadistic smile

The Clown Prince of Crime is sporting a chilling new grin in Suicide Squad that would give the Cheshire Cat nightmares. With his pale face and blood red lips stretched into a sinister smile, this Joker looks ready to unleash anarchy on Gotham.

Fashionably frightening

Gone are the dapper purple suits. The Joker's embraced a more sinister style with a tattered straitjacket and chains. Because nothing says "homicidal maniac" like restraints you've gnawed through.

Armed and dangerous

Don't let the smile fool you. Ol' Chuckles is packing heat. And by "heat," we mean enough firepower to level Gotham. Rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns—this psycho's got an arsenal that would make the 2nd Amendment blush.

Madness unleashed

With his new look and surplus of weapons, the Clown Prince seems poised to wreak havoc on Gotham like never before. The only question is, will anyone be left alive to see that creepy grin again? One thing's for sure, the Squad's got their work cut out for them trying to take down this agent of anarchy. They'd better bring their A-game, or the joke will be on them.

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Joker's Powers and Abilities Against the Squad

So you joined the Suicide Squad, did you? Congrats, you just made it to the top of Joker's hit list. This pasty-faced psychopath lives to torment do-gooders like you, and with an arsenal of deadly gag weapons and a twisted sense of humor, he’ll make quick work of your ragtag band of antiheroes.

An Unsettling Grin

That creepy grin is more than a facade. Joker’s bleached white smile is a result of a chemical bath that also dyed his skin chalk white and his hair a garish green. More importantly, it left his already unhinged mind in complete shambles. Joker’s insanity gives him a complete disregard for human life, and he’ll cackle with glee as he takes out your teammates one by one.

A Weaponized Wit

Joker’s not just a raving madman, he’s a cunning strategist who uses humor to unsettle his victims before moving in for the kill. Expect a barrage of morbid jokes and riddles as he chips away at your sanity. His words cut as deep as any knife, and by the time you realize you're the punchline, it'll be too late.

An Arsenal of Gags

From acid-spewing flowers to razor-sharp playing cards, Joker has a deadly gag for every occasion. His joy buzzers pack an electric punch, and you'll die laughing at the sight of his lethally comedic squirt flowers. But his favorite is a lethal toxin that leaves victims with a ghastly rictus grin. Smile! You're about to become the butt of a killer joke.

Good luck, Squad! You're going to need it. Because the joke's on you, and Joker's ready to deliver the punchline.

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Can the Suicide Squad Take Down the Clown Prince of Crime?

Fat Chance

So the Suicide Squad thinks they have what it takes to take down the Joker, huh? That’s cute. This is the guy who has outsmarted Batman for years and considers mass chaos and terror his day job. What makes you think a bunch of misfit “supervillains” pressed into government service stand a chance?

But Wait, There’s More!

Not only is the Joker a criminal mastermind, he also apparently has super-strength and durability now, thanks to Venom injections from his pal Bane. Great, just what we needed—a psychotic killer clown with superpowers. The Joker was dangerous enough with just his wits and weaponized gag props. Now Harley Quinn’s “puddin’” is brawny as well as brainy.

We’re All Going to Die!

If the Joker’s new powers weren’t enough, he also has an army of lunatics and goons at his command. Between his Venom-enhanced muscles, legions of devoted henchmen, and complete disregard for human life, the Clown Prince of Crime has this fight in the bag. The only real question is how creative the casualties will be. My advice to the Suicide Squad? Don’t walk, run away from this hot mess waiting to happen. The Joker always gets the last laugh, and you do not want to be around when the punchline hits.

This section takes a wry and irreverent look at the Joker and Suicide Squad matchup by pointing out the Joker’s advantages and dismissing the Squad’s chances in an exaggerated way for comedic effect. The subsections build on each other to paint an increasingly dire and sardonic picture of how this confrontation might unfold. Please let me know if you would like me to modify or expand the section in any way. I aimed for an informal and amusing style with vivid language to match the prompt.

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