How to Use Practice Zone in XDefiant

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Ubisoft recently released XDefiant, and after grinding the game all weekend the general response is that players are enjoying it, although many players faced issues with the Practice Zone. At launch, the Practice Zone was grayed out but the developers have made the Practice Zone available to all.

Accessing the Practice Zone

Why It Might Not Work

Understanding How to Use Practice Zone in XDefiant is crucial for improving skills. The Practice Zone runs on XDefiant's servers which means the game searches for servers after you click Play. If the server is available, you can enter the practice mode. Just be warned that sometimes it might not work due to external factors like a lack of servers.

Navigating the Practice Zone

The Practice Zone give's players the opportunity to master their abilities and guns. This helps improve your battlefield skills and understanding of game mechanics. There are three sections: weapon training, movement training, and abilities training.

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Training Movement

Assault Zone

Movement training occurs in the Assault Zone. Here, players learn mechanics like sprinting and crouching. This is vital for mastering in-game movements and gaining an edge over opponents.

Construction Barricades

Players will notice the middle lane is blocked by construction barricades. This part of the Practice Zone may open in the future. Keeping an eye on updates will ensure you don’t miss out on new training areas.

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Firing Range

Using Weapons

In the Firing Range, players can use various weapons. They can switch factions to get used to different guns. This helps in becoming proficient with all the game's weapons.

Mastering Abilities

Players can also practice their abilities in the Practice Zone. This is essential for understanding each faction's unique skills and how to use them effectively in battles.

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Understanding How to Use Practice Zone in XDefiant is key for any player looking to improve. Despite initial issues, the Practice Zone provides valuable training. Whether it's mastering movements, weapons, or abilities, this area is crucial for honing skills. Keep practicing and watch for updates to make the most of XDefiant's Practice Zone.

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