How to Unlock DedSec in XDefiant

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Learning how to unlock DedSec in XDefiant can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. In my guide I will show you the steps to unlock the iconic hackers from Watch Dogs 2.

XDefiant Overview

XDefiant is a fast-paced FPS featuring characters from Ubisoft franchises like Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, The Division, and Watch Dogs. Each faction has unique abilities, providing strategic variety. Currently, XDefiant features five factions: Cleaners, Echelon, Libertad, Phantoms, and DedSec. However, DedSec is locked at the start which is why my guide on how to unlock DedSec in XDefiant will come in handy.

Unlocking DedSec for Free

Major Challenge Requirements

To unlock DedSec for free, complete the Major Challenge requiring 700,000 XP. This challenge is time-consuming but worth it.

  1. Earn XP Points: Play matches and aim for high kill counts.
  2. Complete Challenges: Completing in-game challenges also rewards XP.

Time Investment

Earning 700,000 XP takes around 30 hours or more. Dedicate time and effort to unlock DedSec without spending real money.

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Unlocking DedSec with Real Money

Purchasing Options

If you prefer a quicker method, you can purchase DedSec with XCoins, the game’s premium currency. Here are the options:

  1. Sebastian and DedSec Faction: 1,000 XCoins.
  2. All DedSec Characters, Game Over Sebastian, and P90 Skin: 2,500 XCoins.

Cost of XCoins

  1. 1,000 XCoins: Costs $10.
  2. 2,100 XCoins: Costs $20.

Purchase XCoins bundles from the in-game store.

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DedSec Abilities

DedSec brings unique hacking abilities to XDefiant, disrupting the battlefield through digital manipulation.

Hijack (Ability)

Allows you to hack active enemy abilities and make them your own.

Spiderbot (Ability)

Deploys a Spiderbot that stuns the closest target with a face hug.

Lockout (Ultra)

Unleashes an AoE attack disabling the enemy team’s minimaps, HUD, and abilities.

Fabricator (Passive Trait)

Automatically duplicates any devices spawned into the map.


Unlocking DedSec in XDefiant offers exciting new strategies and abilities. Whether you choose to grind for XP or purchase with XCoins, DedSec is a valuable addition to your faction roster. Follow this guide to gain access to these tech-savvy hackers and dominate the battlefield.

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