How to Set Up a Dedicated Server for Soulmask

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Soulmask is the latest hit in the survival game genre. To enjoy a private online server, setting up a dedicated server is essential. Follow this guide closely to learn how to set up a dedicated server for Soulmask.

Download and Install SteamCMD

Download SteamCMD

To start, download SteamCMD. This tool allows you to input custom command lines for Steam.

Extract SteamCMD

Create a new folder on your disk to extract the downloaded .zip file. For example, make a folder named "SteamCMD" in your Documents.

Configure SteamCMD

Open Command Prompt

Use the Windows search bar to find "cmd" and open Command Prompt.

Navigate to SteamCMD Folder

In Command Prompt, type cd followed by the path to your SteamCMD folder. For example:

cd C:\Users\username\Documents\SteamCMD

Replace username with your actual username. This command navigates to your SteamCMD directory.

Run SteamCMD

If the path is correct, you can input new command lines. If you get an error, double-check the file path.

Download Soulmask Server Files

Copy and paste the following command into Command Prompt:

steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 3017310 validate +quit

This command downloads the Soulmask server files. After a few minutes, you should see "Success! App ‘3017310’ fully installed."

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Configure Your Soulmask Server

Locate Server Files

Navigate to the folder where you extracted SteamCMD. The path should look similar to:

C:\Users\username\Documents\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Soulmask Dedicated Server For Windows

Edit Server Settings

Right-click the file named StartServer and select Edit in Notepad. Do not run the file directly, as you need to modify server settings first.

Modify Parameters

In Notepad, enter and modify parameters to control your server settings. Common parameters include:

-SteamServerName=\"your server name\"
-pvp or -pve

These parameters should be input right after -forcepassthrough, separated by a single space. For a full list of parameters and more complex troubleshooting, visit the Soulmask Wiki Page.

Save Changes

After modifying the parameters, save the Notepad file and close it.

How to Set Up a Dedicated Server for Soulmask image 5Start Your Server

Run StartServer

Run the StartServer file. Keep this file running, and you and your friends should be able to see and join your dedicated server in Soulmask.


For any issues, the Soulmask Wiki Page is an excellent resource. It covers topics like port forwarding and other advanced troubleshooting tips.

By following these steps, you now know how to set up a dedicated server for Soulmask. Enjoy your private gaming experience with friends!


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