How to Heal in Soulmask

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Surviving in Soulmask requires knowing how to heal effectively. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to heal in Soulmask.

Healing Items in Soulmask

There are various items to heal you in Soulmask, including:

  • Bandages
  • Nuts
  • Cooked Fish
  • Roasted Corn

Early Healing Methods

Finding Nuts

Early in the game, Nuts are the easiest healing items to find. You can gather them from ringed trees on the beaches. Use a Stone Axe to cut down these trees and collect Nuts along with Hardwood. Nuts provide a quick heal, especially when you're starting out.

Using Bandages

Bandages can be found on enemy bodies or crafted from the Items menu. They are essential for healing after battles. Make sure to keep a good stock of them as you explore the island.

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Advanced Healing Techniques

Cooking Food

Once you craft a Stone Butcher’s Knife, you can harvest meat from animals. Eating Fresh Meat raw offers minimal health benefits. However, cooking it at a Campfire with other ingredients provides better healing. Here’s how to make the most out of your resources:

  • Cooked Fish: Fish found in the wild can be cooked at a campfire.
  • Roasted Corn: Corn harvested from the wild can also be roasted for better healing.

Combining ingredients at a Campfire boosts their healing effects. Always cook your food when possible to maximize your health recovery.


Knowing how to heal in Soulmask is crucial for survival. Start with easy-to-find Nuts and Bandages. As you progress, utilize cooked food for better healing. Keep exploring, gathering resources, and staying prepared for the challenges ahead.

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