How To Get Shiny Elgyem And Shiny Beheeyem

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Pokemon GO features Elgyem in events like the Spotlight Hour, where participants can also encounter its Shiny variant. Events often boost the spawn rate of featured monsters, making it easier for Shiny hunters. If you catch a Shiny Elgyem, you can evolve it into a Shiny Beheeyem later. This guide details the best way to get them.

How To Get Shiny Elgyem In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO doesn’t provide a surefire way to encounter Shiny monsters, but there are methods to increase your chances. Events like the Spotlight Hour, which feature Elgyem, can boost its wild spawn rate. Use this opportunity to improve your odds of finding a Shiny Elgyem.

Utilize In-Game Items

Several in-game items can significantly increase wild spawn rates. Using these items simultaneously can stack their effects:

  • Lure Modules: Attach these to a PokeStop to attract wild Pokemon.
  • Incense: Activating Incense can attract Pokemon to your location for a limited time.
  • Weather Boost: This is a passive effect that activates in specific weather conditions, increasing the spawn rate of certain Pokemon.

Stack Effects

Elgyem’s wild spawn rate increases in areas with windy weather. Locate a PokeStop or Gym with such weather, attach a Lure Module, activate an Incense, and traverse the area. Doing this during events featuring Elgyem can further stack the effects with the already boosted wild spawn rate.

Maximize Your Chances

The more Elgyem you encounter, the higher your chances of finding a Shiny one. By using Lure Modules, Incense, and taking advantage of the Weather Boost effect, you can increase the number of Elgyem spawns around you. This strategy helps match Elgyem’s Shiny odds more effectively.

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How To Get Shiny Beheeyem In Pokemon GO

Once you catch a Shiny Elgyem in Pokemon GO, you can evolve it into a Shiny Beheeyem. The evolution process for Elgyem and its Shiny variant is straightforward and requires 50 Candy.

Farming Candy

There are various ways to farm Candy for evolution:

  • Catch and Transfer: Catching and transferring multiple Elgyem is a reliable way to gather Candy.
  • Buddy System: Make Elgyem your Buddy Pokemon and walk with it to earn Candy.
  • Research Quests: Completing featured Research quests can also reward you with Elgyem Candy.

Evolution Process

Once you have accumulated 50 Elgyem Candy, you can evolve your Shiny Elgyem into a Shiny Beheeyem. The evolution increases the monster’s stats, making it more powerful. Regular and Shiny variants share the same Combat Power (CP) and stats. Elgyem’s CP of 1566 with a stat spread of 148 ATK, 100 DEF, and 146 STA becomes Beheeyem’s maximum CP of 3112 with a stat spread of 221 ATK, 163 DEF, and 181 STA after evolution.

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Learning how to get Shiny Elgyem and Shiny Beheeyem in Pokemon GO can enhance your gameplay experience. By taking advantage of events like Spotlight Hour and utilizing in-game items such as Lure Modules, Incense, and the Weather Boost effect, you can significantly increase your chances of encountering Shiny Elgyem. Once caught, evolving Shiny Elgyem into Shiny Beheeyem is straightforward with enough Candy. Follow these strategies to add these coveted Shiny Pokemon to your collection.

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